7 Most Mysterious Islands in the World You Probably Didn’t Know About

The world seems to have an uncanny habit of startling us the moment we think we have uncovered all of its mystifying aspects. The islands, for example, are the isolated locations across the planet that can easily capture our imagination with their natural beauty. Thus holidaying in a beautiful island in South Pacific or Indian Ocean for that matter sounds like a good idea.

However, there are some islands in the world that can give you goose bumps even during reading about them. The bizarre occurrences, unusual incidents or puzzling things on these islands can make you downright flummoxed.

Here are 7 of the most mysterious islands that you didn’t know exist:

#1 Island Of Socotra

Situated off the coast of Yemen, the Island of Socotra is full of most bizarre landscapes that cannot be seen anywhere in the world. The appearances of trees and plants in this island are so odd and strange that they look like some characters of an alien film. Which is why, the island is also called as “The Alien Island.” For most of the time, it remained isolated from the world for nearly 6 million years.  It was discovered by the explorers only recently.

Island Of Socotra

#2 Isla De Las Muecas (The Island of Dolls)

The Legend has it that in this island, a little girl was drowned under mysterious circumstances. The caretaker couldn’t save her life and found a doll lying nearby. He was so shell shocked by the incident that he started hanging dolls in her memory. After some time he also died there mysteriously. The tourists from that day onward stop by and hang dolls on that island.

The Island of Dolls

#3 Okunoshima, Aka Usagi Jima (Rabbit Island Or Bunny Island) – Japan

Located in the East Sea of Japan, Okunoshima is also known as the Bunny Island due to the overwhelming occupation of wild rabbits throughout the island. Thousands of rabbits are seen roaming everywhere in this part of the world making an amazing and unusual sight for the tourists. Historical facts suggest that during the Second World War, Japanese army secretly produced poison gas in this island. In order to test its effects, a colony of rabbits was brought in this island later. However, they survived and flourished thereafter.

Rabbit Island Or Bunny Island

#4 Palmyra Atoll

This place is also known as Cursed Paradise of Palmyra Atoll due to the presence of paranormal incidents, curses and strange phenomena. The island is so mysterious that the buildings, roads and bridges are all said to have become cursed and haunted. Situated in the North Pacific, Palmyra Atoll is also known for its scenic locations, but probably more infamous for being a cursed place. The seemingly presence of evil menace in the island is further corroborated by the fact that there have been countless mysterious tales of shipwrecks where the survivors never lived to tell those.

Palmyra Atoll

#5 Vulcan Island (Vulcan Point)

Just consider this, an island in the middle of a lake; the lake in the middle of a volcano; the volcano in the middle of a bigger lake. Finally, all of this arrangement is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This strange and paradisiacal island is one of the thousands of islands in the confines of Philippines territory. It is also the part of Pacific’s Ring of Fire. The little landmass at the centre of the lake further adds to the mystery and is known as Vulcan Point.

Vulcan Island

#6 North sentinel Island

Located in the far North of the Bay of Bengal, Sentinel Island is a contradiction in the face of spreading urbanization around the world. You might have assumed that today there is no such community of tribes left in the world that is completely isolated from the external contact. The Sentinelese people, however, can make this presumption turn upside down as they have so far rejected all types of communication with outsiders.

North sentinel Island


DASKA is a tiny island located in the coast of Croatia. It is also known as “Croatia’s island of Ghosts”. Its history has been interesting as the island witnessed a brutal massacre of Nazi Collaborators back in 1944. Ever since, there have been countless haunted incidences recorded in this island. Its striking natural beauty notwithstanding, no one is interested in buying this island. Yet its price is still increasing.


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