5 Worst Ideas for Home Renovations that Decrease the Smartness of Your Home

House renovations are getting so popular nowadays. More and more houses are being upgraded for several reasons. Some people are renovating their homes to raise the value of the house by adding smart devices, and some are renovating for the perfect luxury or retirement home.

Renovations could be dicey and expensive. And sometimes when the renovation ideas go wrong, it just opens up to problems. This mostly happens when you renovate your house according to the advice of others. Renovate according to your will and plans.

Here are the five worst ideas for home renovations that could decrease the smartness of your home.

#1 Bedroom or Bathroom Renovation, Breaking and Making

There may be several ideas like to convert one room as a closet space or join it with a bathroom to make it a big luxurious bathroom. But if you are planning to convert your three bedroom house to a two bedroom one by adjoining one room with another, then you should think again.

Converting a three bedroom house to a two bedroom is not always a good option. What if some family or friends are planning to stay over? In fact, breaking the walls of the house shakes up the foundation and the top floors as well, which could be dangerous in the long run?

Making your bathroom look like a luxurious spa is not a good idea. Upgrading to a bathtub in a small bathroom or narrowing the space of the bathroom to expand the other rooms’ spoils the look as well as the foundation of the house. Adding a hot water bath or a Jacuzzi is more like a waste of money especially when you are renovating until you’re living in year-all cold regions.

You should be careful while breaking down the walls if you do not know where the pipes and electrical wires are running through. And breaking the walls or building up another could also lead to narrower halls and stairways.

#2 Additional Windows & Doors with The Upgrade

If you have to replace your windows and doors, then replace them with something that wouldn’t let water leak in or that could keep you protected from nature’s turnovers.

You can replace them with steel doors and wooden windows. But replacing the door with a fiberglass door and window could actually destroy the look of your house. Additionally, breaking down walls to create walls of glass is also not a great thought as it loosens up the base and makes it easier for people to see through or break in.

#3 Cheap Laminated Flooring and Wall-to-wall Carpets

Cheap flooring could cause the tiles to lift off due to seepage, which is why renovating your house with cheap laminate flooring or vinyl tiles is definitely not a good idea.

Gone are the days when people loved wall-to-wall carpets. Wall-to-wall carpets get worn out with time and start to fade off or get dirtier even more easily. Plus scrubbing off stains from your carpet is not so easy, especially when you have kids and pets. In today’s time, very few people prefer the idea of wall-to-wall carpeting and most of the people prefer the tiled floors that are easier to clean.

#4 Built-in Items Adding to More Work

Another worst idea while renovating the home is to have built-in aquariums and electronics. Built-in items increase the chance of coating more dust causing you to clean more often. They also cause issues once they are spoilt. For example, fixing up a built-in television is difficult as you would have to crack up the walls again, in order to get the wires and sockets and all.

This just makes you spend more and more even if this addition would do wonders to your house. Talking about electrical items, the thing which most people forget to do while the renovation is upgrading their electrical appliances.

#5 Too Much of This & That and No Space

Adding too much of items in and around your house cause the house to look and feel smaller than it generally is. Whether it is growing up too many plants outside the house or adding up furniture in the house. It would make you feel choked.

Consider what could actually make your house look better instead of just paying for stuff you love but spoiling the look of the entire shelter.

Before paying up for anything, make sure proper measurements have been taken of your whole house. Having the proper measurements will help in a better decision of furniture, plants, and several other items.

It is better to renovate according to the future time rather than just renovating for luxury, fame and money. There is way more than that. Consider your needs and comfort before putting your foot in for your house renovation. Prepare and plan for it and hire a good contractor.

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