5 Mythical Creatures That Might Still Exist in the World

Most of us must have heard stories about mythical creatures and legendary monsters at one point in time or the other. Though the world has fairly little knowledge about the origins of these beings, but many people have all the reasons to believe that they do really exist even today. Once being part of the popular folklore, today’s exploration, technology and scientific equipment have provided us a ground to think again about these creatures’ existence.

Here is a brief description of 5 mythical creatures that might actually be real:

#1 Big Foot

Big Foot is widely referred to a hairy ape-like beast that is believed to be living in the forests of the North America. For decades people have claimed that they have spotted this mysteriously giant creature. It is believed that Big Foot stands between 6 ft to 10 ft tall, covered with brown fur and looks terrifying. Recently a possible sighting of Big Foot in Indonesia gives the impetus to the theory of its existence. In that footage, a Big Foot like creature can be seen walking upright through a waterfall.

Big Foot

#2 Ebu Gogo

It is a legendary beast that, according to some, resides in the deep forests of the island of Flores, Indonesia. It is a half human and half ape like creature, which has an insurmountable appetite to eat anything. The local people believe that this mythical beast kidnaps children and human babies and eats them alive. Most of the people who claim to have spotted it describe Ebu Gogo as a fast runner with wide flat nose, broad face, considerably big mouth, hairy body and around three foot tall. These hobbits like creatures have always been a part of the folktales of the local people; had actually come around to trouble them.

Ebu Gogo

#3 Mngwa

Mngwa is also known as the Great Grey Ghost of East Africa. Mngwa means ‘strange one’, which is a powerful predator having grey stripes is said to roam around the deep forests of Tanzania. The native people say that it is extremely aggressive and gigantic animal that most closely resembles like a leopard but much bigger in size. The locals further claim that they have been attacked by the creature in the past, which killed adults and took their children with it. Some witnesses claim that standing on its hind feet, Mngwa stands approximately 12 foot tall.


#4 Yeti

The snowman of Himalayas, Yeti is one of the world’s most enduring mysteries. For several decades, explorers have tried to uncover any definitive proof of its existence but mostly failed. However, many people living in the surrounding region claim that they do exist. In the past there have been many supposed sightings of the creature, which resides in the snowy peaks of the upper Himalayas. The people of the adjoining areas like Nepal and Tibet believe that Yeti is nocturnal, which growls horribly and nastily and can kill people with one snap. A British trekker recently took pictures of mysterious footsteps in Bhutan that were too large for a man, can be a probable explanation of the existence of Yeti.


#5 The Kraken

Arguably the largest and most fearsome creature mankind has ever witnessed in mythical history, could very well be existing in the reality. Widely described in Nordic Folklore, Kraken was said to haunt the seas by attacking the ships. The creature is believed to have huge tentacles much like an octopus that can engulf the entire vessels. Recently Google Earth captured a frightening image of a Kraken like a monster, which also looked like a giant squid in waters close to Antarctica.

The Kraken