Most Potent Full Body Exercises to That Perfect Shape [Unisex]

There are seemingly countless exercises available that are enough for us to wonder which to choose from and which to leave. However, when it comes to full-body workout, there are few, which the fitness experts can have a good convergence on.

Usually, the exercises that are easy to perform and target multiple muscle groups are the ones that provide you the practical strength as well as muscle tone to meet all of your fitness goals. Such exercises are the most potent ones for athletes and fitness junkies.

These exercises are highly effective to get your blood pumping and muscles working without actually taking too much toll on your body.

Full Body Exercise

Thus the following exercises are the best ones for the full-body workout:

#1 Squats

Squats are one of the most classic yet powerful lifting exercises meant especially for benefiting your lower body. This exercise directly targets your hip muscles, hamstrings and glutes. The squats also indirectly influence your core as well as strengthen your upper body if performed correctly.

The beginner weightlifters often neglect to strengthen their lower bodies and only focus their upper body. This is the wrong premise to do squats. As a matter of fact, the training regimen emphasizes towards working for the whole body and squats are the essential elements to that.


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#2 Side Plank Reach

A side plank reach is a form of an advanced plank exercise that effectively targets your abdominal muscles, core, and body balance. It is a very important to exercise to give you a perfect bikini beach body if you are so desperate to lose that extra flab.

This amazing total body move does a great job in toning your shoulders, abs, and torso. These body parts are seen like trouble spots for most people, especially women. To do it correctly, first, position your body like a plank position. Then lift your one arm and one leg sideways up in the air. Now repeat this move by replacing another set of limbs. Also, rotate your body while switching the position.

Side Plank Reach

#3 Lunges

This remarkably effective yet brilliantly simple exercise can be recommended to any fitness enthusiast. This exercise is so efficient that it makes a triple impact by extensively working on the quadriceps, the glutes, and the hamstring muscles. It would be better recommended to hold a dumbbell successfully in each hand while performing the lunge.

Lunges can be performed in multiple ways just like many other exercises. However, from the traditional point of view, the lunge is basically completed in a stationary position working one leg at a time. Now if you want to perform it in a more practical setting, just set a target of 50 yards away, and then start lunging your way towards it. It will be highly beneficial for you.


#4 Push-ups

To anyone, push-ups might appear the simplest and old school or old fashioned, but it is effective nonetheless. If people are fully aware of push-ups from the beginning and had been introduced to them even during their childhood, there is a proper reason for that.

The most fundamental reason for using push-ups for the full-body exercise is the fact that it works on a large number of muscles. Though pushups are primarily performed for chest, triceps, and core, it virtually impacts all the muscles directly or indirectly. As a matter of fact, we typically lift around sixty percent of our body weight while performing a push-up.


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#5 Burpees

A burpee is an extremely potent full-body workout that functionally affects a great number of your body parts including arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and abs. It provides immense strength to your body muscles.

Burpees are so effective that they are even liked by extreme athletes, elite military forces, as well as medal, winning sports stars. All of them have been performing burpee for quite a long time. Any fitness junkie can be recommended burpee because it helps in burning mega calories, strengthens muscles, great for conditioning, requires no equipment whatsoever and almost any exercise could be added to them.



As we discussed above that there may be as many forms of exercises as there are experts and they are beneficial for you more or less. However, when you decide to make a workout plan and sweat it out, you deserve the best moves that can work on all of your body muscles. So the above mentioned five forms of exercises will never let you down.

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