What are common mistakes that a puppy owner makes?

From the modern ancestors, every dog has evolved itself into a superb companion – the ultimate sidekick. But you fell in love with the cute bundle of fur and have brought it home. The big brown eyes, beautiful look pretty much guaranteed that you will give him to every whim. However, you soon found out that the behavior of the dog is getting on your nose and you are feeling irritated by the little pet. You may feel that little pup is not giving the ideal behavior. The pet owner might feel that he has made a mistake by buying the pet.

Finding the Right Dog Breed

Buying a pet on impulse is not at all a good thing. You should not hurry on buying any kind of pet especially dog since you don’t know whether it will fit your family or not. You need to do research on the Dogs by Breed. For that, you need to do a lot of research and talk to the other dog owners.

You need to find a person who tests the dog breeds with the specific problem area. Whenever you are looking for a dog make sure that the breeder can prove the mettle of the dog. Many owners don’t do that and end of spending thousands of dollars for the bad breed.

Lack of Patience

Often it is seen that you need to teach a puppy a lot of things. This is because they are new to the world and need to learn the tricks. Patience is the key to training the little ones. But it is often seen that the owners often lose patience and end up teaching nothing to the pup. These owners think that the puppies will learn some basic things in their own way which can never happen.

Changing the Rules

Often it is seen that the house owner brings the pet in the house and unhook the leash without any thought. Then when the pet starts to do things, owners try to punish them. Sometimes the owner allows the dog to do something for a couple of weeks and then change the rules. This ultimately creates a lot of confusion and set the dog up for failure and not a success.


It is often seen since you have brought your favorite puppy in your home, he or she will get with other breeds of dog as well. New dog owners often feel that these dogs are friendly by nature and do not think of socializing these pets in a normal way. As these dogs get older these dogs often keep growling and barking at other people whether they are friends, relatives, and unknown people.

Unhealthy Food Habits

The other mistake pet owners do is that it develop a habit of making the little pup eat and drink such food that is unhealthy for the pup. This can create a lot of health problem for the pup as they grow up. Puppies need a lot of healthy nutrients for the better growth.

Owners allow the puppies to roam around in such places where the little dog can get exposed to such disease before the vaccination is complete. This is the other common mistake that owners do.

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