5 Tips for New Pet Owners

The first few days in your home are special as well as crucial for your new buddy. Your pup will be mostly confused and would wonder what to expect from you. New dog owners are confused as well. Being a new pet owner, you will face a bunch of uncertainties.

Basic dog care might not be natural to everyone. But is learned by tips that you might receive. Some tips will be learned along with the growth of your chum. Additionally, it will take time for you to understand your pup’s body behavior and language.

So here are five tips for the new pet parents.

#1 – Find A Veterinarian For Your Fido 

Even before you adopt a dog, you should set out on the search of good veterinarians. The vet will help you know more about your pup. This includes its breed, expected temperament, the food your pup should have, the food that should be avoided, the previous illness, etc.

The vet will also give you pre-knowledge of the vaccines your pet would need. This way you could set up dates for check-ups and vaccines. You can even ask questions to your vet regarding the exercise, training or diet for your new friend. Finding a veterinarian nearby your house would make it easier for you and your pet to reach the vet in an emergency.

#2 – Get Your Chum Insured

As soon as you adopt a pet, you should get it insured. Pet insurance plans can be selected by comparing various pet insurance plans. The insurance company executives can help you select the right plan for your pooch.

Different breeds have different needs. The insurance executives will help you select the plan according to the age, existing illnesses, and breed of your doggy. You can choose plans according to various factors like accidents, vaccines, general check-ups, lifetime plan, etc.

#3 – Puppy Proof The House

Your puppy will be new to the house, curious, and won’t know the rules of the home. It would take some time to understand the items around the place. Therefore, you should remove the little things that are lying around.

For example, the remote, plants, food scraps, coins, etc. The little pieces should be away from the reach of the little one. Else it could choke on something. Other dangerous items could include electrical wires, household cleaners, etc.

#4 – Have Pup Beds, Blankets, And Other Needy Items For Your Tail- Wagger

After you have done the major work, you have to get to the minor ones like having a bed for your chum to sleep on, a blanket to cuddle in, toys to play with, treats or food to chew on, bowls, and so on.

You could also purchase a crate according to the expected height of your Fido after its full growth. Ensure that your pup will have their own chew toy so that they don’t go on chewing the bedsheets, rugs or your clothes.

#5 – Train Your Pooch

Your buddy was not filled with the all the manners. Therefore, you will have to take out time to train your hairy friend. The training will include several things to do with your new pup like exercising, teaching it to obey, etc.

You do not have to wait for your new friend to get a bit older for training. Pups are just like babies. The earlier their training starts, the better they respond and learn. But remember to keep loads of treat in your pocket and treat them after they react the way you wanted them to.

New members in the family such as puppies bring a lot of joy, laughter, and happiness with tons of mess plus a bundle of cuteness. Additionally, the pets bring in a lot of change just like kids too. Whatever it may be, you will enjoy the time they will spend with you. With time, you might require some upgrades for your little one that will be growing soon.

The training period for your pooch will be fun, frustrating, funny, etc. at the same time. Don’t worry if you make some mistakes while you train your pup or help it develop good habits. The most important thing is that you have to remember not to shout at your chum as it could get scared. Out of fear your dog could also try and attack you or growl at you. Everything depends on your training.

Good luck and congratulations on the new pup!

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