4 Easy Ways to Know About Your Dog’s Body Language

Different breeds of dogs display a large variety of behavior. Some dogs are very calm and patient, some are lazy, some are too aggressive, some are fast runners, etc. In fact, some dogs learn the behavior and some have genetically inherited it from their parents.

Many at times, dogs are bred according to their characteristics. The puppies that result from this breeding are supposed to have the parent’s characteristics genetically.

An animal’s personality also differs just like human’s personality. Sometimes it is inherited and sometimes it is learned under the influence of others. A dog’s personality is identified by its playfulness, curiosity, fearlessness, sociability and aggressiveness.

Here are four easy ways to understand your dog’s common behaviors and their body language.

#1 – Aggression

dog aggression

All kinds of dogs are capable of biting. They too have aggression and it is genetic. Some canines show their aggression too early and some late, just like humans do. If your chum has its mouth pulled back showing little teeth or gum, it could lead to aggression. Additionally, its eyes will be dilated, intense, and wide.

Not to forget its ears, they will slightly tilt downward or alert. The stance of your dog at this moment will be stiff legged while leaning forward. It is like very little to no movement. If your pet growls a bit, by gradually baring its front teeth, you should back off and leave the pet alone.

If your pet gradually starts ramping up by showing its teeth and pinning its ears back, you should disappear. This is like a warning from your pet.

#2 – Happiness

When dogs are happy, they tend to have their mouth opened and wag their tail. This position seems like they are smiling. They look pretty relaxed as well.

happy dog

Their ears are floppy and are loosely hanging on the sides. The eyes of your dog will seem soft and a bit moist. There are chances that they could squint. Your dog’s body will be loose and light too. The tail of your pet will be low. Additionally, your dog will be wagging its tail and will be bouncy. It could be jumping from here to there!

#3 – Uneasy And Insecure

Dog Body language

If you notice your dog lifting one of the front paws that means your dog is uneasy. Your dog could yawn even when it is not tired and will start sniffing around. Sometimes your dog could sneeze (maybe while sniffing the dust particles went up the nose). There could be more reasons behind the sneeze of your dog. You could visit a vet if you feel your dog is sneezing frequently than before.

Even though your pet is not itchy, it will scratch itself. The eyes of your pet will blink slowly and deliberately when it’s insecure. If it is too tensed, it will shake off its whole body, just like it does when it gets wet.

#4 – Afraid And Stressed

If your dog has started to lick its lips or nose, it means that it is stressed. It could also shake off it body to release the stress. It will try to disappear or hide away from you under stress or when it is scared. Out of fear, it can urinate suddenly like babies do.

afraid dog body sign

The tail will be tucked under or between the hind legs and the head of your pet will be more towards the ground. Your dog will move back and forth nervously. Even if you try to present its favorite treats, it will not eat.

It might also start vocalizing like whine and whimper. Not to forget, your pet will pant dry and fast, as if it has been running for ages and has lost breath. It is suggested to calm down your pet at this moment.

There are times when your pet starts barking non-stop when they are angry or afraid. In fact, there are so many other body signs your dog shows that could be similar to other signs.

Sometimes, some gestures of a dog would require you to take them to the vet. And when you are visiting the vet, do not forget your pup’s insurance details. However, you should carefully notice the other signs your pup is showing. For example, watch his barking along with his stance, eyes, tail, etc. to know what exactly they are trying to convey.

Your pet could greet you by stretching out in front of you and could bow down to play. A playful happy dog also has a curved body. Dogs make a cute round puppy face with big eyes to show they are innocent and they want something really badly. Your chum’s tail wag style could reveal far more things than you think. The tail wag meanings could range from being dominant to being angry, being happy to sad, being amused to showing attitude, etc. Whatever it may be, these dogs are very adorable and will always remain a man’s best friend without a doubt.

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