10 Simple Ways To Kick Start Your Mornings

Women are those species who are always required in every scene of life. Whether be it for their adorable kids, or for their loving husbands and fathers, or for those annoying brothers. Life is just incomplete without that one particular women in your life. But it’s not easy to be a woman at times. There are days when you just can’t get your feet up, for a long 7 hours work at office; or for that meeting with your child’s teacher; or for that dinner party you are hosting tonight. But these simple tips would surely get you on the track. Even if it’s a gloomy Monday or if it’s, “those days of the month”, these few tips will surely bring up a change.

1. Freshen Up Your Organs

Most women are just lovers of coffee. It sure helps you get you off the bed. But a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, is not a happy moment for your organs. It’s really very disappointing, yet it’s the truth. But of course, there are better options. Freshen up your organs with a glass full of lemonade with honey. It would not only brighten up your senses, but also would keep you fresh all day. Lemonade with honey has plenty of other benefits too. Lime helps in digestion and would keep you out of any gastric trouble. It also rejuvenates your skin and helps in weight loss, which are a double bonus for every woman.

2. Boost Your Mood

It could be really awful to think about exercising on a gloomy Monday morning. It could also be tough to set aside proper time for your exercises when you are already running late for work. But a few minutes of stretches with nature, accompanied by your favourite music, could do wonders for you all day.

Getting a kiss of fresh nature in the morning is the best thing for your health. Adding it up with a few stretches and some good music would be marvellous. In case you have absolutely no time for it, you could just walk around in your garden for 5 minutes, getting in all that fresh oxygen.

For those who have no proper garden or enough time to enjoy the fresh morning, don’t you worry! You could just continue with your daily routine of checking your mails or getting things ready for your work, with those wide windows of your house opened. This way you can breathe in all that nature while you are at your work. Also, if you are comfortable enough, you could play your favourite music in the background. Music and fresh nature are just the best combo to boost your mood and senses and would drive you away from all your morning blues.

3. Motivate Yourself

Now, this is one of my personal secrets. When I am too lazy to get up in the morning, I just think of the best motivation I can find. And what’s better than fashion for women? The lazier or out of mood you are, the wilder should be your fashion. Try out the new dress you bought last week or just a new jewellery would do. If there’s nothing new in your wardrobe, then try out a new hairstyle. Whatever be your age or whatever be your mood, getting yourself dressed well always swings up the mood for a woman. And in case you get a compliment for your new style. Voila! Your day is made.

4. Pamper Yourself

A bit of pampering is fun for girls. Boost up your morning by getting yourself the best bunch of flowers you find. Decorate it in your room or office. It will keep you fresh and positive all day and will brighten you up. Make sure you get the brightest colors. The rich smell of the flowers will help stimulate your senses and the bright colors would help you relieve from your work stress. Fresh flowers not only bring positivity to you but also to your surroundings. According to Feng Shui, flowers bring in positive energy, joy and vulnerability. And as we all know; women and flowers have always been connected.

5. Get A Rich Breakfast

A woman should never start her day with an empty stomach. Make sure you get a breakfast rich with minerals, vitamins and proteins. Don’t think of the calories in the morning, cause whatever you take in the morning, you are burning it down the whole day. So don’t think of diet in the morning and just get your plenty full and kick start your morning. All that nutrition you take for your breakfast will help you boost your immunity and keep you healthy and hunger free all day. Getting a good breakfast will also help you stay away from short snacks and junk food you normally tend to get attracted to, in the later hours. And of course, you can have your favourite cup of coffee along with your queen size breakfast.

6. Get A Peppy Alarm

Getting up to a peppy song or a fast beat would surely brighten up your mood. At times there are some music that you are really in love with or the ones that just turns your mood right. Try setting up these tracks as your alarm tone so that you wake up happy and in good mood. Shaking a leg or two would be a grand bonus. This would loosen up your muscles and get your body ready for the day.

7. Do Something You Like

Wake up to the thought of doing something that you love to do. Whether be it meeting your loved one, or checking in to your favourite book store. Have a thought of it first thing in the morning and stay motivated and excited all day. Make sure you do this “favourite thing” of yours, by the end of the day, so that you have something motivating you all day. Let this be like a treat for you for dealing with the day good.

8. Send A Special Message

Send your someone special a warm good morning message. Now your special someone need not be strictly your lover. It could be your mom, your dad, your brother or just a friend you have been missing for a while. It’s found that making someone else’s day not only brighten up theirs, but also yours. Even talking to your best friend in the morning would also help you wake up from your morning blues. Getting connected with your loved ones right at the beginning of your day would make you feel happy and lucky for having people around you who care. However, make sure you speak to the right people and those who spread positive energy and not the opposite.

9. Spend Some Time with Your Pet

Animals are known to be close to nature and are the ones that spreads the positive vibes the most. Dogs are even recommended for people who are under depression. Getting a load full of licks and paws from your pets would surely make your day. In case you do not have a pet, stop by and check on to the lovely birds around in the morning. Their sweet voice and colors would have a terrific impact too.

10. Fondle Some Great Memories

Waking up to some good memories you have had in the past makes a perfect day too. You could also get a flashback of your greatest memories through the pictures you have saved in your phone and wake up to a big smile. To continue having the smile, you can also have the best pics of you and your family set up as the wallpaper of your office computer.

In short, the best ways to have a “Good Morning” is to have the most positive thoughts and happy surroundings. These tips however, are not just for women but for everyone who needs a little push, to go get the world. So, freshen up and put on your shoes and have an awesome day.