Life Inside An Office With 3D Printers is Good – Here’s Why

What’s common among prosthetic limbs, surgical equipment, aircraft parts, and food? Well, all these can also be 3D printed!

Yes, 3D printing technology has made massive progress in the past decade. However, you don’t have to wait for these revolutionary applications to be affordable because a 3D printer can start delivering tremendous advantages in your office, today. Here’s how.

Bye Bye Tangled Wires

3D Printed cable holder

Tangled, messy, and serpentine wires are eyesores. Beyond that, there are several practical problems posed by tangled wires. They’re a tripping hazard. They’re the procrastinator’s treasure (you can’t imagine how people spend hours untangling wires and count it as productive work). All these problems aren’t just allowed to exist inside an office with a 3D printer.

You can easily find a set of CAD models for all shapes and sizes of cable organizers you can imagine. Then, you only need a 3D printer and its filament to create cable organizers on demand. From desk cable organizers to cable corners, you can print anything!

Personalized Desk Ware

3d printed desk ware

Isn’t it depressing to come to your office and see dozens of heads and hairlines, each not too different from the other? Personalization of workspace makes an office livelier and happier than ever before. With a 3D printer nearby, your office doesn’t need to be the routine workplace anymore. There’s a bunch of personalized accessories for office use, that can be printed using a 3D printer.

For starters, there are storage containers of all colors, shapes, sizes, and configurations. Then, you could print pen holders with each employee’s name embossed on the same. There’s really no end to the customized manufacturing possibilities presented by 3D printers.

Bring Some Life to Coffee Stations and Cafeterias

3d printed coffee maker

Lunch breaks don’t have to be the same dull and drab experience every time. Custom utensils, coffee coasters, trays, stools, and even tables – that’s the norm at an office with a high-quality 3D printer available. Tea drips don’t have to mess up your office pantry shelves anymore because you can print a surface cover to take the beating for you. Print a holder for coffee pods, create a mini mug for your espresso craving, and print a cool new tray to impress your potential clients waiting for their coffee – all this and more with a 3D printer.

Replace Broken and Dysfunctional Parts By Printing Alternative Fixtures

3d printed holder

Agreed, we’re still waiting for the era when industrial equipment manufacturers release CAD prototypes of all their spare parts in the public domain. That said, smart office managers know how to use their 3D printers to print out fixtures such as doorknobs, handles, holders, and fasteners. This helps them execute repairs for damaged office furniture and machinery.

Instead of sending the damaged units to distant factories, 3D printing the damaged component for replacement is cost-effective, quick, and cool – all at the same time.

Concluding Remarks

A 3D printer can make life inside an office so exciting that you’d not wait to get another one installed soon after your first one.