Top 5 Benefits of Playing Games at Work

Many companies provide tools to increase productivity in the workplace. Here on the General Post we’ve even covered some of the most common productivity apps on our website. Aside from the one’s we’ve already covered, there’s another way to improve productivity.

Newsflash: it’s playing video games!

With so many adults playing video games these days, opinions on the medium are now gearing towards the positive side.

Having said that, here are 5 reasons why you should play games at work, backed by science!

1. They make you happier

Naturally, less stress constitutes to a better mood. When you’re working long hours, it’s important to stay mentally healthy.

Playing a video game is a good leisure activity to help cheer you up. Being in high spirits helps you feel better about your work and the people around you. PsychCentral documented a study that proved how relaxing video games place people in better moods, promulgating kindness. Instead of harboring all that passive-aggressiveness or taking your foul mood out on your co-workers, just take a few minutes off and play a game.

2. They help you become more creative

No matter how dull the nature of your job is, a little creativity could go a long way. It could help you be more productive, for one. Remember that scene in the latest Beauty and the Beast film, where Belle invented a machine that can wash her laundry so she wouldn’t have to do them by hand? That’s creative thinking right there.

Well, a Michigan State University study discovered a tie between playing video games and creativity. It’s not surprising, since video games expose the player to vast, imaginative worlds. Add the fact that some titles challenge your problem-solving skills. If you devote a few minutes to gaming, it may provide you with new ideas for a project you’re working on!

3. They improve your memory

Have you ever gotten into trouble for overlooking an important task? If you have, then you know perfectly well how a terrible memory can be detrimental to your career.

There’s nothing to worry about, though. Video games are here to save the day, as they can boost your memory. Even the University of California, Irvine agrees! Their findings show that people who played 3D games aced their memory tests. Now, we’re not saying you should play a game when you’re trying to remember something; that might put you in more danger! Instead, use your free time to exercise your brain while gaming. That way, you hit two birds with one stone: you have tons of fun plus you improve your memory skills.

4. They’re great for workouts!

If someone tells you they get their exercise from playing video games, don’t be alarmed! As weird as it sounds, video games can actually keep you fit now. Thanks to motion-sensor devices like the Xbox Kinect and the Nintendo Wii, the video game world has seen a rise in active games or games that require you to get physical.

Placing such device in the office would be a great idea! It won’t just keep employees occupied in their free time; it will help them break a sweat too. You could even hold weekly competitions to encourage camaraderie. People would have something to look forward to at work!

5. You Can Keep Yourself Entertained With Your Film Franchise

Films are one of the most popular forms of entertainment, and a great way for people to turn off from the world for a couple of hours. As it is not possible to watch a film during your break, it is possible to get the same form of entertainment and disconnection in a shorter time by playing games adapted from films. Popular film studios often release lots of merchandise to tie-in with the latest franchises.

One of the most popular franchises is Jurassic Park, which according to Ranker is expected to earn billions from merchandising alone. Like all successful franchises, fans can interact with the series on multiple gaming platforms. Popular European games portal Slingo has two officially licensed games, Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, that take the iconic elements of the films and put them into the games’ design. It is these details that allow players to become immersed in the game, in the same way they would if watching one of the films. Playing a game based on your favourite film is great way to keep yourself entertained during your break, allowing you to return to work fresh and ready.

See! Playing games doesn’t seem like such a bad idea after all, does it?

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