7 Free Productivity Tools For Your Startup Success

Are you a startup or small business owner wondering how can I increase the productivity in less time? Then you’re at the right point. Nowadays the competition almost in all area has reached sky high. You can only get success when you do smart and highly productive work. You can increase productivity with the help of various tools and can easily beat your competitors.

There are so many web based tools which help you to increase your business productivity. The best part about these tools that they are free and can be grabbed easily. These free productivity tools are really providing real benefits to startup and small businesses. With the help of these productivity tools, you can provide automate tasks, manage various project tasks, improve communication and streamline your workflow with the projects. These tools are a good helping hand for your marketing efforts and as you know marketing value for customers is always on the topmost priority for business success.

Here are the top 7 productivity tools that can be an advantage for your startup:

#1 – Trello

Trello comes first because the work & team management is the most important thing for business success. If you might often are not able to track the work history and team activity properly then this tool is handy for you. Trello can help you to track the work is being done and by whom.

Trello Productivity Tool

You can create boards and card in Trello. A board can be a project and card a task of that project. You can set due dates, reminder, labels, and can add an important note for any tasks. There are lots of other things to do with Trello Premium. But Trello free version is sufficient for any business. I used Trello to build my SEO team and get the most productivity out of them.

Trello is a free web app and an effective handy tool for the startups and small businesses. You can buy a premium version when you want to scale up your team size.

#2 – Asana

Asana is the best tool for smoothly organizing big as well as small projects. Asana is the most used project management tool due to its efficacy.

Asana Logo

The features like agile management, team collaboration, communication, to-do lists, make this web tool a perfect choice for project based businesses. You can create a template and can use it for a set of projects and tasks without repeating the entries. Asana has a drag and drops user interface that makes it more user-friendly.

#3 – Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a free application that can be used to create a personal and public calendar. With this handy Google tool, businesses are able to schedule tasks, store web application and can save user information on their own cloud computing servers.

Google Calendar

Following are 5 main important features of Google Calendar:

  • Adding attachment for the meeting
  • You can send invitations directly from the event
  • It can be integrated with Google Maps for specific location
  • “Find a time” option help you to manage your meeting time
  • You can sync other calendars as well
  • You can access the calendar in web browsers.

#4 – Evernote

Do you come up with an idea and forget it? Well, it happens with everyone. So, Evernote plays an important in this. Evernote is a web tool and app that is designed for taking notes, organizing and archiving. You can also sync the notes between devices. A free version let you sync files in two devices. In addition to that, your notes can be tagged, edited, commented, annotated, and searched. You can make your notes public as well.

evernote logo

Below are top features that make Evernote even more useful.

  • Document Attachment
  • Organizing notebook and tablet
  • Presenting ideas
  • Clipping articles from the web
  • Syncing your notes

#5 – HootSuite

Hootsuite is one of the best tools to manage social media platforms. Just create an account and start scheduling your social updates on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. Today, social media importance is growing day by day.

Hoosuite social media productivity tool

Here are the top features that make HootSuite the best choice for social media management:

  • You can add multiple streams for many accounts.
  • Can add a bigger team for manage Hootsuite account.
  • You can perform a cross post to your Google + page.
  • You can schedule posts as many as you want.

#6 – MailChimp

Building an email list is one of the primary asset for any business and MailChimp plays the best initial role to achieve it. You can reach out your subscribers with pre-design templates.

mailchimp email marketing tool

It is a special tool for email marketing. This handy automation tool performs many tasks simultaneously. You can design and upload newsletter template, share them on social networks, integrate it with other services and track your results.

Following are the top features of MailChimp email marketing software:

  • It is fully automated.
  • You can add up to 2000 subscriber for a free version.
  • It has the pre-designed template.
  • Compatible with various email readers and devices.
  • You can monitor your email opening rate.
  • MailChimp is more user-friendly and good support features.

#7 – BuzzSumo

Content marketing is an important marketing strategy for businesses. BuzzSumo is an effective tool to carry out an effective content marketing campaign.

buzzsumo tool

BuzzSumo track web content and its social shares. You can find the most viral content with the help of BuzzSumo Tool. You can find top influencer for any topic and industry. BuzzSumo helps you to build some powerful backlink with the help of influencer outreach.

Final Words

There are many other tools in the digital market that are meant for various purposes. From marketing to managing to organizing to monitoring to even brand & link building. But you have to figure out a way which one works best for you business. All the above-mentioned tool are free to use and can give huge benefits to startup and small businesses. All these tools will save your time, money and effort. These are the most used free productivity tool I have ever used to manage my business.

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