9 Best Home Cinema Ideas

Watching movies and your favorite television shows on a big screen is always like a dream especially when this dream comes alive. Now you can create your own personal theatre at home and invite your friends and family to watch movies and shows along with you.

You can follow the given nine home cinema ideas to create your home theatre and enjoy your entertainment without disturbance.

Home Cinema Ideas

#1 – Shades and Curtains like Olden Days

In olden days, movie theatres had long red velvet curtains in the screening room. Similarly adding dark colored velvet curtains could give you the feel of an old Hollywood theatre.

If your home theatre place has windows, you can always add shades to them and paint them with bright colors to crash and avoid the plain dull look.

#2 – Oversized Furniture Saves the Money

Having an oversized furniture like sofas and tables make you feel in heaven. They also help you save some bucks on the more recliners you would have to buy with just an estimate of how many people could fit in your home theatre.

Instead of measuring the home theatre area and buying oversized furniture for the same is a better idea as it could give the freedom of seating more people as well.

#3 – Adding Art and More Items

Your home theatre doesn’t have to stop at just a big television screen and some furniture. You can spice up the interiors of the theatre by adding up frames of your favorite celebrities or an abstract design instead. You could also add up artificial flowers.

Theatres in multiplexes seem dull and boring. But you have the advantage of making your home cinema come to life. You can have a fireplace in your home theatre or even have some games there to make it function like a game room.

#4 – Try Out Something Different

In every theatre you go, you have some kind of chairs that have been bolted to the ground. But you do not have to do this. You do not need to bolt chairs to the ground and make your sofas be stuck in one place. Instead, you could try out a cool hanging jute sofa or bed, which is usually shaped like a cocoon. You could even have a hammock in your home cinema.

You could try using old and thrown out car seats which you can find in the dumpsters. Have them covered up or get covers designed for them and place them in front of your big screen.

#5 – Bring on Some Colors

Why should you always have your theatre up in the dark like a haunted place? You could definitely bring your home cinema to life by adding a splash of colors or even creating another place in your house with the home theatre like some beach.

You can do this by getting artistic like cutting out cardboard in shapes of trees and bushes and painting them or just go down to the supermarket to buy wall stickers.

#6 – Why the Traditional Kind of Theatre?

It is not necessary to have a sofa kind of seating arrangement. You can buy several bean bags or even make cotton cushions and place them anywhere around the home cinema room.

Similarly, it is not compulsory for your home theatre to have plain walls with curtains. You can change the look of this room by having shelves on which you can place your cassettes, CDs, books, etc.

Mostly the theatre rooms are kept as empty as possible to produce more sound which can travel to each corner.

#7 – A Home Cinema Needs a Big Screen TV

You can definitely break this stereotype by having a pull-down black screen or a big whiteboard and a projector. This idea could end up being lighter in the pocket.

Additionally, you could have meetings and presentations or hold up a birthday or an anniversary party here. Hence, you end up creating a multi-purpose room. All you need to do is plan out your home cinema before executing them.

#8 – Prepare for Lights Out

Your home cinema would definitely have lightings. But, you can add up side-lights, lamps, tube lights, bulbs, etc. Not only this, you can replace your lights with candles. Just be careful not to burn down anything.

The switchboard should be somewhere nears you or you should have easy access to the lightings so that you do not trip and fall over things.

You can also have zero watt bulbs to change the color and look of your home cinema.

#9 – Basement or the Attic?

You do not necessarily have to create your home cinema in the basement or the attic so that less sound travels around the locality. Your home theatre can be anywhere in and around your house.

It can be in a square room, a rectangle room or even in an oval-shaped room. Any kind of room could be the best for a home theatre.

You can invent so much by just planning out some home cinema ideas. You never know which idea could be the best which could lead to a good decision while creating your home cinema.