How to write for The General Post


“We like General, So we want you to write everything that is General for balancing our life and work”.

We prefer LISTICLES (list posts) which helps our reader to learn quickly.

Here are some examples of Listicle (List Article) that we prefer to publish on TGP.

  1. 101 List of Important Foods to Boost Your Immune System
  2. 5 Steps to Get Natural Glowing Skin Overnight
  3. List of Brain Foods
  4. List Of Educational Websites For Students
  5. 7 Free Productivity Tools For Your Startup Success

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How to Write for TGP

Just register as a contributor and add a post for approval. 

Again, we Only Approve Listicle

About The Content & TGP Policies

The General Post is a life magazine and we write about everything that helps our reader to manage their work and life easier. A list of everything which is most important in life and work. 

Please also note that the must not be spammy and promotional in any way.

Below are some points that you promise to follow:-

  • We offer writers a chance to get featured and build their name and writing portfolio. So write a meaningful article that helps our readers to improve their life.
  • Make sure to complete your profile with bio, social profiles, etc.
  • Include links but it should not be promotional in any way. Else, we’ll remove it without any notification.
  • We reserve the rights to edit and/or shorten contributions as we see fit, if necessary.
  • The topic must be SEO Optimized for a Focus Keyword.
  • A post must have at least 900+ words.
  • A post must have at least 5 subheadings or lists with short sentences, paragraphs, and images.
  • Approval might take more than 1 week to get published.

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