How to Buy a Perfect Kids Theme Bed for your child?

With all of the movies and television shows that show off a child’s picture-perfect bedroom, it’s only a matter of time before children watching at home pick up on certain details and decide they need the same things for themselves. As a parent, that means the pressure is on you to decorate to these high standards. One detail in particular that has won over the hearts of so many bright-eyed children has been the theme bed. Yes, that includes the infamous race car bed that has had so many kids staring in amazement that such a thing could exist. That something as simple and uncreative as a mattress could be so extraordinary. With more options than just a race car these days, kids theme beds have the uncanny ability to make bedtime a little more exciting.

Perhaps your child has been begging for a special bed ever since seeing one on television, or perhaps you just want to plan a surprise for one day after school. Whatever initially sparked the thought in your mind, you now have it set in your mind that this is what you should go for. But where do you go from there? Looking online or flipping through magazines will give you a quick lesson that there are more types of kids theme beds out there than the race car, which means more options for decorating your child’s room.

If your child is obsessed with fantasy stories of knights and dragons, there may be no better option than a castle complete with a slide and a flag at the very top of the tower. For the little girl who would love nothing more than to feel like the princess of her home, take a look at this pink and white carriage themed bed with wheels and a little covering to keep out the sun during a long journey. This fanciful design of a carriage will make her feel like she is coming home at midnight (or whenever her bedtime is set) after attending a great ball. With different styles and colors, it has never been easier to find the perfect themed bed for boy, girl, or unisex preferences.

Not only are kids theme beds stand-out pieces on their own, but they make the perfect centerpiece to pick out a design for the bedroom itself. Whether you are going for a princess theme, a dragon and castle theme, or a professional racer theme, these beds set you up to decorate the rest of the bedroom around it. No need to stress about shopping for any cute but random decorations at the store. These beds set you up with a theme and a focal point to draw the eye. You really don’t have to do too much to make your child’s bedroom look fun and magazine-worthy after setting up such an eye-catching bed. In all honesty, your child will be a little distracted by the bed to be looking at the curtains too harshly.

A good starting point for shopping for kids theme beds is at Kids N Cribs, where there is a wide range of options for decorating child and baby rooms. Make naptime a little easier and get your child the bed you secretly always wanted for yourself. Sleep tight!