Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now For Best Results?

The Phase-I of India’s vaccination drive is underway from 16th January 2021. This affirming prospect has relieved many individuals of the anxiety the pandemic induced in its wake. However, health experts globally continue to assert the significance of precautionary measures, albeit the moment’s positivity. 

Taking the situation lightly can not only cause health concerns but also give rise to the financial crisis as well, owing to the suite of expenses that the disease succeeds and precedes. Products like a coronavirus insurance policy can be highly useful in this situation. Below listed are a few reasons why you must take measures now to ensure the best results. 

  1. Impending second wave

The second wave of Covid-19 has already wreaked havoc on many European countries, prominently the UK. It has prompted authorities to implement lockdown measures anew. The curve in India has flattened as of now, but, the second wave is still due in the country. 

Official sources peg it will be around mid-2021 for the entire country’s population to be inoculated. The months in between will be crucial, and you must gear up now to avoid untoward circumstances. Besides religiously following sanitisation measures, it may be wise to keep in place an infection cover. 

  1. New strain

Several mutated Covid-19 strains have emerged in the past month across the world. Of these, the most problematic has been the UK strain, which is nearly 70% more transmissible, according to official sources. Almost 116 individuals have already been infected by this strain in India, as of 16th January 2021. 

This situation calls for pre-emptive measures like subscribing to the best coronavirus insurance in India alongside observing necessary hygiene protocols. The nominal cost of insurance upfront can save you from exorbitant hospitalization and medicinal charges. 

  1. Loss of pay

Debilitating purchasing power has been one of the most adverse effects of what is a coronavirus. Even individuals who continue to be employed face the risk of loss of pay if they are hospitalized. Depending on the severity of infection, a person can remain hospitalized for nearly a month, leading to a significant blow to one’s purchasing power, given they also have to pay for their hospitalization. 

In this case, availing of a hospital cash cover plan alongside a full-fledged insurance policy may be a smart financial decision. This kind of policy covers the loss of pay one has to bear due to prolonged hospitalization. 

These are a handful of reasons why adopting all necessary measures at this juncture is crucial. However, you must also ensure that you are taking the best coronavirus insurance coverage to receive optimal protection shall you or a family member gets infected. 

Here’s a list of features you should check when buying an insurance policy – 

  • Sum insured

It’s the total amount of coverage you receive if you are hospitalised after being diagnosed Covid-19 positive. A coronavirus insurance cover can go as high as Rs.2 lakh. Ensure you select an amount after assessing the treatment costs in your region and the number of individuals in your family. 

  • Extent of coverage

Check the range of expenses that an insurance plan will cover besides the sum insured. Some only cover hospitalisation costs, while others offer comprehensive coverage of all costs preceding and succeeding it for as long as 30 days. The Covid-19 Protection Cover by Bajaj Finserv under Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions also takes care of treatment costs of any comorbidity. 

You can also check out the plans that cover AYUSH costs if you want to avoid mainstream treatment plans. Nevertheless, irrespective of the coronavirus insurance policy you choose, it’s imperative to act promptly on the situation to be well-protected against any mishaps.