FE Exam Preparation Guide For Students

The Engineer in Training (EIT) exam is a FE exam. Furthermore, FE stands for the Fundamentals of Engineering. Initially, this FE exam gains popularity by the name of the Engineering Intern (EI) exam. The governing body of the examination is the NCEES (National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying). Such an exam holds huge relevance to be validated and considered a Professional Engineer in the United States. This is compulsory to carry out along with the Principles and Practice of Engineering examination.

FE examination is an examination that has compulsorily be taken by an engineering candidate if he or she wishes to practice engineering lawfully and officially; along with another examination. Once having cleared the examination, there are several options a candidate may consider. Several career options that can be considered after passing the FE examination have been mentioned above.

Here are some of the tips that are helpful for the exam day of FE:

1. Have a good sound sleep of a minimum of 8 hours the night before the exam

After all, you need to be prepared to focus for a minimum of 4 hours and answer all the questions correctly as far as possible. You should try to prevent last-minute tremors.

Sound sleep for 8 hours before the fe exam morning session gives the much-required rest to move new resources from short-term to longer-term power where it is needed.

2. Reach your destination or the fe exam center with one hour or one and a half hours in hand

It is important for you to get to the exam center earlier, say an hour before. To be on the safer side, you should visit your exam center some days before the exam day.

This would surely enhance you to gather the right amount of time that is needed to reach the location on the exam day. As various factors like traffic as well as a mode of transport surely play a vital role for you to get to the center on time.

3. Hold all the things that you require

Even if you think that you already know what to take with you to the exam center. Still, it is advisable for you to communicate with the exam center a day before the exam. Do precisely confirm what you should take with you on that day.

It is important for you to carry your identification card which has your photo or ID proof and possibly a printout of your exam verification page.

4. You should eat healthy but light food on the exam day

You are all well aware of the difference between light food and heavy food. Heavy food will make you feel sleepy while light food will just fill up the vacancy of the stomach and keep you going for hours.

This is a very important suggestion to eat healthy yet light food. This will help to avoid problems of stomach ache, migraine, or any such health ailments on the exam day. This can be a vital as well as an advisable weapon for all the candidates.

5. Have an idea of the mock fe exam software platform

You need to watch the 15 minutes long video which is a mock exam software platform to make you familiar with the exam software before you start to write your PMP exam.

6. Brain dump (an essential point)

It consists of a list of activity which you require to memorize quickly during the exam, like quality accessories, kinds of powers of an electrical engineer in a project engineering sector, make sequences and many more.

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Some options for a candidate having completed the FE examination successfully are:-

  • The qualified candidate is eligible to sit for the Registration examination by the US Patent Office in order to become a patent attorney or a patent agent.
  • The candidate may choose to become an entrepreneur. Being self–employed is not just a trend but also a safe and profitable decision. The candidate can avail of the dedicated loan for entrepreneurs from banks with the help of his or her certificate.
  • Pursue higher studies such as MBA or Masters in Engineering and Technology.
  • Enroll as a tutor for an online or offline training/coaching organization and share their talent.
  • Consider getting certified. Certifications have become the crux of hiring and recruiting nowadays and thus it should be beneficial on the part of the candidate to undergo certification with a desirable certificate for their dream jobs.
  • Join the defense or internships. Defense academies recruit technicians with appropriate qualification and you may be eligible for some post that has recently vacated. Try them out or acquire internships that will gain you experience and knowledge as well.