7 Best Exercises to Burn Fat At Home

You can get ripped and sculpted without having to spend hours in the gym. All you need is a few minutes of exercise, three times a week! We have compiled some home fat-burning exercises used to help you journey to a better body.

1) Push-ups and Plank

Push-ups are one of the best fat-burning exercises at home. You can do them anywhere, anytime, and they work both your upper body and your lower body muscles that have not been worked out yet. 

Start by doing a push-up on just your toes (or hands), with no bending in your knees or hips – this is called a plank. Next, lower your body to the ground and then push back up into the plank position – this is one repetition of the push-up.

2) Alternate between toe-tapping and high knees

Alternate the movement of your feet while you are standing upright. You can do this with toes tapping or bringing one knee up to meet each foot as it taps down on the ground again. Alternate for a minute or two to get the blood flowing through all parts of your body and work out your heart. 

Remember to breathe and focus on proper form during these movements and when you are doing other exercises at home or in the gym that workout your lower body muscles.

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3) Perform a series of squats

Squats are one of the best ways to work out your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles. It is considered one of the best fat burning exercises at home. Stand upright with feet shoulder-width apart and then squat down as if you were sitting back into a chair behind you – this is called half a repetition. 

Now stand up again by pushing off through your heels for one complete repetition. Continue for about 20 repetitions, or until you feel a good burn in your thighs and calves. You can also hold weights to make the exercise more challenging if desired.

4) Get those lunges Done

Lunges are another of the best fat-burning exercises at home that work out your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles. Stand upright with feet shoulder-width apart, then step forward about three to four feet or until you feel your front thigh is parallel to the ground. 

Now take a big step forward and lower your body down until the thigh of your back leg is parallel to the ground. Push up through your front heel to return to an upright position, then repeat with the opposite foot in front for one repetition (20 repetitions total).

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5) Burpees 

Your cardio compilation is incomplete without doing burpees as they challenge every part of your body. It increases your heart rate rapidly and burns around ten calories each minute. Suppose you are doing at least 20 repetitions every minute, and you can see the results in a short time. It is one of the best fat-burning exercises which can reduce your weight to a great extent. 

Start with the squat position, lower your hand, and keep the body straight. Your back must not sag when you are in this position. Start doing frog kickup jumping, and the process needs to be quick. 

6) Mountain Climbers 

It has won the award of the friendliest exercise as no equipment is required to carry out the exercise. But it is the most difficult one and takes time to get perfected. Three sets each of 40 repetitions can burn over 30 calories in a person whose weight is 150-pound. When you prepare your exercise regime, you can include mountain climbers. 

First, you must get in the plank position, so the weight is distributed evenly. Then, pull the right knee into the chest and repeat the same for the other one. Your knee must be down when you do it. 

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7) Leg Raises

In this exercise, you have to lie down and keep your feet straight. After that, raise both legs together while keeping the back flat. While doing, the abs must be pushed down, and when the legs are at a right angle to your body, you can come back to the initial positions. You can start with ten, and slowly, you can increase the numbers when you get accustomed to the exercise. 

By doing that, you can lose fat from your body quickly, and it is easy to do at home. Also, while doing, initially, you may need some help.


If you want to burn fat and lose weight, then start by getting active. Get your body moving and exercising each day. You don’t need any equipment or lots of time either! Just pledge to get up from the couch and do something for at least 60 minutes every day. This might be jogging, going on a walk, playing a game, or just getting up from the couch. Try the above-mentioned fat-burning exercises at home.