Type of Bags for Ladies – A Complete Guide

Handbags are like fantasies for the ladies. Whether they are going to the office, markets, parties, or other occasions, they will surely need a bag. Sometimes, for carrying their stuff or sometimes for enhancing the style, bags are essential ladies’ accessories.

There are different kinds of handbags that ladies can use. But ladies should always pick up the types as per the occasion. Suppose the bags they carry to the office are usually huge, and that will not look good at a party. Similarly, a party clutch is not suitable for office use.

Therefore, ladies should select the handbags according to the purposes. So, here we will present a guide regarding which handbags are perfect for which occasions. So, let’s dive in:

Bags for primary use:

Some bags are essential for primary uses. They are:

Tote bags:

Every lady can have a good-quality large-size tote bag for daily office use. Totes can be hanged from the shoulders, or one can carry them in the hands. Totes are spacious, and you can easily take lots of things in them. You can use it not only for the office but also whenever you need to carry many pieces of stuff. You will get totes in various sizes and colors. Other than the office you can take it also for colleges and shopping.

Shoulder sling:

The shoulder sling is another must-have bag for the ladies. It is divided into several compartments; so, it is easier to get your things quickly. They are available in various colors and materials. They have thin straps, and it would be better to hang them from the shoulders.

Satchel bags:

Satchel looks like a briefcase bag. The women who want fashionable yet spacious bags for office use satchel is the perfect option them. Satchel has two-sided handles and long slings. They can be placed diagonally as a cross-body sling or can be held in hands. Satchel bags are available in various colors, materials, and sizes.

Hobo bags:

Hobo is a giant crescent-shaped bag made with soft, elastic material. This bag contains one huge compartment where it can accommodate a lot of things. This bag is ideal for office and other essential uses. One can easily take it for shopping. You can get different color options for this bag, and it is very smooth in texture.

Laptop bags:

Laptop bags are highly essential for women who need to carry laptops for offices or for study. In laptop bags, one can easily hold their files or copies. They contain one long strap and two handles on both sides. Laptop bags can enhance your appearance at any corporate event.

Bags for factual purposes:

While traveling or going to gym, women may carry handbags like:

Duffel bags:

Duffels are huge-sized handbags that are appropriate for practical purposes. Whether you are going to the gym or going for an outing for two or three days, you can easily carry a duffel bag. Usually, duffels have a long handle and one big compartment with two sides and one front chamber. Undoubtedly, they are very spacious. The name duffel came from Belgium and meant the fabric used for making the bag.


These bags are the favorite of the students as they can carry their essentials easily in them. They are available in various sizes and need to carry on the backs. Women can easily take these handbags to colleges, short-trip, or gyms. They are spacious and available in different sizes and colors.

Messenger bags:

Messenger bags look like backpacks, but they are available in large sizes. Students generally prefer these handbags as messenger bags can accommodate their things, even laptops. They have two compartments and need to carry on the backs.

Weekender bags:

Weekender bags are a more extensive version of duffels. This bag is ideal for carrying for short weekend trips. These bags have two handles and one large compartment and have a top open facility. Weekender handbags are generally made of leather.

Belt bags:

Belt bags are handy, and one needs to wear them like a belt. Women can easily use it for carrying vital ids, cards, or cash for quick access.

Party, date, outing purposes:

While going to the party, date, movie, women want to carry such handbags that will help them to create a different style statement. The handbags women can take to the parties are:


While going to the parties, any girl’s dress-up is incomplete without a clutch. There are various kinds of clutches available. Women should carry them as per their dresses. Clutches have one small compartment, and it would be better to take them in the hands, though they have slings also.

Envelope purse:

While going for a movie or dinner date, it would make others look at you and praise your style if you have an envelope purse. These purses look like an envelope and have a single compartment, and should be held in hands. They are available in various colors and materials. It would help if you carried them according to the color of your dress.

Cross-body flap:

Cross-body flap bags are another excellent option to carry on dates or hangouts. You can carry them with western attires, gowns, and dresses. These handbags should be hanged diagonally, and your hands remain free. They are stylish in look but do not have much space.


Therefore, we hope now you will not have any difficulty choosing your bag according to the purposes. Another thing that you should consider while purchasing a bag is its quality. Recently, you will get loads of different attributes, but leather bags are the best that you can have.

You may buy handbags from various shops, but it would be best to purchase leather bags online. You can check customer feedbacks, ratings and then you can finalize your order. Simultaneously, you would get more options online rather than the stores. So, if you follow these tips shared here, you will not have any difficulty selecting your bags.

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