8 Tips to Arrange an Office Pizza Party

Life needs to be celebrated whether it’s your home or office. That’s a kind of a mantra I keep reminding myself over and over. And to my surprise, this has been working pretty well for me and the people living around me.

As we spend a considerable part of our day in the office, it is important to keep the environment productive yet amiable. One such way is to arrange awesome office parties, whether it’s someone’s birthday, promotion, or signing a new deal. Holidays and office parties may not be everyone’s favorite but they certainly bring the fun out of a formal environment.

From simply ordering Lunchtime Pizza Deals to managing an entire business event, I have done it all. After years of practice and dozens of mistakes, I have learned some nice and easy ways to arrange an office party that is safe and professional but not without the fun-factor.

Here is an easy guide for all the newbies!

1.      Form A Party Planning Committee

The first step is to accept the fact that one person cannot handle every aspect of a party. You are going to need help. Whether you have some event management skills on your sleeve or not, you must find people in your office who have got a knack for parties.

 Make a team and delegate the tasks to each member. It is especially important when the party is going to be a huge one. Keep in mind that when things seem to be a lot for you or your party planning committee, you can always hire a professional party planner.

2.      Get A Budget and Party Dates

One of the most important tips I have learned over the years is to start planning early, as early as possible. List out the approximate budget of the party and get it approved by the authorities. In some cases, you will get a budget limit before you start planning. Whatever the case may be, you need to request estimates from different vendors to finalize the budget. Shop around for the best deals. You might get amazing discounts when you are searching for party deals.

Set the party date well in advance. If it is for someone’s birthday, you are left out of the stress to pick a date that works for everyone!

3.      Choose The Venue

Are you going to have this party in your office or plan to go outside? The answer greatly depends on the budget and nature of the party. If it is going to be a small formal party with good food and some minutes off the work, the office is the right place to do it. Think about the tables and corners that can be used for the party hour.

When you are looking for more fun and entertainment and have got enough budget, arranging it someplace out of your office is a great option. Shop around for fun and affordable venues. Starting early will give you enough time to find the best spots. For a business gala, you might need a bigger hall.

4.      Send Out Invitations

Once you have decided about the venue and party date, get everyone in the loop. Send emails to your office fellows or guests you are planning to invite. Ideally, you should send these emails about 6 six weeks before the party date.

If it is a surprise party, sending invitations is not going to be a task anymore. Make sure the emails contain accurate information about the dates and venue. If there are any changes, the first thing to do is to update your invitees.

5.      Plan Party Decorations

Set a theme for your party. Plan the party decorations and table centerpieces once you have decided about the theme. It adds a factor of excitement and thrill. You can also add details about the party theme in your invitations to make your guests more interested in the event.

6.      Decide Food Menu

Believe it or not, food is going to be the number one attraction for any party. Decide the menu carefully. Pizza is thought to be the party-staple. Everyone loves it! All you need to do is to find the best corporate Pizza lunch deals. Make sure you are adding many different flavors and toppings so that everyone feels included. Designing an inclusive menu is not so easy but pizza is something that works well for every setting. Don’t forget to order some salads and drinks.

7.      Hire A Photographer

If your budget allows you to do so, hire a professional photographer. They have got the right gear and skills to capture memorable moments.

When you are working with minimal budgets, you can delegate this task to someone who is good at taking pictures. Visit social media profiles of your colleagues to find someone who understands the light exposure and portrait well!

8.      Music, Games, And Entertainment

It may not be relatable for every office party but it is always fun to include some games and music. If you have got the money, hire a DJ or simply rent a good stereo system to bring more fun. Karaoke is something that works for almost every setting!

Decide if you want some liquor at this event and investigate the laws regarding liquor.

And in some cases, All you have to do is to search for “Cheap Pizza Near Me” and you are good to go.

Don’t Forget The BAM Rule!

Before you are all set to have fun, let me remind you of the golden rule of office parties. It’s called BAM.

  • Boss- Boss is still your boss
  • Alcohol- Too much alcohol is not a good idea for office parties.
  • Monday- Remember that you have to return to your office.

Sticking to this simple rule is essential if you are planning to return back to your office. If you want to wake up the next morning and think “BAM! What a wonderful experience” keep up with this rule.