Next Generation Sequencing 

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) involves massively parallel sequencing of millions of DNA fragments, providing large amounts of data quickly and at an affordable cost. NGS technology is revolutionizing life sciences research and healthcare. The speed, throughput and flexibility of NGS provide researchers with the means to gain valuable insights at an unprecedented rate. No longer used for purely academic research, NGS technology is now spreading to clinical applications and helping to improve our understanding of the disease.

Although recent technological developments have made NGS more accessible to smaller laboratories, there are still many obstacles to adopting it. The high costs, fragmented workflows and the complexity of data analysis and interpretation make it challenging. There is an urgent need for a simpler, more cost-effective and efficient way for labs to take advantage of NGS technology and improve the outcomes. Creative Bioarray provides comprehensive and end-to-end NGS services including nucleic acid isolation, library preparation, sequencing and data analysis tailored to your needs. All of our sequencing offerings are executed on the latest NGS instrumentation with the rapid turnaround times.

Our NGS services include but are not limited to:

Whole Genome Sequencing
Targeted Re-sequencing
Exome Sequencing (Exome-Seq)
Transcriptome Sequencing
Genome Methylation Sequencing
Amplicon Sequencing
RNA Sequencing (RNA-Seq)
CRISPR Validation
Key Features of Our NGS Services

All genomics solution under one roof
Highly experienced and qualified personnel
Fast turnaround time
Competitive price
State-of-the-art instruments and cutting-edge technologies
Rigorous quality control
Personalized NGS and customized bioinformatics solution to suit your research needs