5 Bounce House Party Games for Your Kid’s Birthday

Birthday parties for kids are like having a joyous laughter and giggles of kiddos. People like to join theme parties. And partying on inflatable bounce house can make your party more enjoying and charm.

Getting a bounce house can make your mind swirl as the concerns creep in regarding even the correct way of usage, where to put it after the party ends, what to do with the bounce house after the party. I’ll just say, wave theses concern clouds aside, you can rent a bounce house for half the price.

Now, the discussion begins, once you do get an inflatable bounce house for rent. The question arises about how to make the bounce house more fun and engaging for kids, to your surprise, there are many little games that you can play using a bounce house, for starters you should consider what your little guests have to say and if they don’t have a clue then it’s time to just roll the dice with these 5 games, they are quite the merriment and for sure will bring a ton of gusto to your kid’s birthday party.

#1 – Capture the Flag

capture the flag bounce house party game
Capture the Flag Game

The name may seem familiar to your ears, it’s the evergreen field game but can gel well with a bounce house too. Just ask the group to split in any number of even teams as per the number of invitees, allow each group a color, now use some sticky notes, ribbons, streamers, color-coded cutouts. Color-coordination is the key and set them on each edge of the bounce house. Kids should guard their corresponding color. Team with the most flags will be declared winner.

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#2 – The Dancing Floor

the dance floor bounce party game

This is a fun game, music is something we all have in our parties then why not combine the two-fun activities together. Ask the kids to come atop the bounce house and just turn on the music, ask them to dance but then suddenly stop the tune, with the pause in music the kids are will be required to freeze as well, they have to stay still, the ones falling to do has to leave, the floor would be shaking after the kids stop dancing this may cause the kids to fall while holding still when the music stops, the soft texture of the bounce house will not hurt the kids, last one standing wins the game.

#3 – The Command Challenges

the command chellange

One of the easiest game to conduct yet the fun is double, may I assure you. You will also find the game amusing. Ask the kids to jump on the inflatable bounce house for per say 40 seconds, to add a twist to the tale, command a certain way to jump to the kids and they have to jump the way you’d instructed them. You can add animal imitation like jump like a rabbit. Anyone falls before the given time is out of the game. It is a fun way to have the kids engaged.

#4 – Crab Kick

This adorable game is a fun way to uplift the mood of your kid’s birthday party, get some balloons and toss them in the bounce house, assign the balloons to each participant. Have the kids lean back and fold their arms all the way to their back, the face should be on the ground. The rules are simple, the kid’s buttock shouldn’t touch the ground, if it does the kid is out. See if any kid is able to bounce their balloon to the ceiling, if anyone does, then it’s an extra point or say some extra treat to the kid.

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#5 – The Race

You can play the game in two ways, choose the one you prefer the most, or just mix it up. First being the pair bounce, take 4 kids and pair them in 2, creating 2 teams and settle them to each corner of the inflatable bounce house now instruct them to jump, the pair should switch their places with their respective partner before the other team does. Another way being, have the kids line up in one aligned seam against one corner of the bounce house, then shout “go” as soon as the command goes, the kids should drop to the bounce house and start doing the somersault to the other side of the bounce house, upon reaching the kids should stand and touch the wall of the bounce house and then drop down again doing the somersault to reach the initial position, the first one to make it back to spot wins.

Let us know if you have more funny and interesting bounce house party games ideas. Share your ideas in comments and share this post with your friends.

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  1. Thanks for suggesting that we can add some music to the bounce house to create a fun stop-and-go dancing game. My niece’s birthday is coming up, and my sister asked for some help planning games and activities for everyone. I love the idea of playing games in the bounce house instead of just letting it sit there, so thanks for the suggestions!

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  3. My kids love capturing the flag so it is a great suggestion for me to celebrate my son’s birthday. Moreover, there are some great games that I are interesting ideas. Thanks a lot and keep it up!

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