10 Apps That Will Make Your Long Distance Relationship Works

You may have heard people saying long-distance relationships don’t work out for long. They might be right a few years ago, but with today’s technological advancements, you can make your long-distance relationship work perfectly.

If you are going through it or think that your relationship might suffer because of long distance, then this article is definitely for you.

Below are some useful apps for long-distance couples. Know how you can make your relationship work better than ever.

Here we go.

#1 Skype – Notice Live Real Reactions

As you know that Skype is a free video calling software and can be operated anywhere from the world with just an Internet connection and a digital communication device like mobile, tablet and computer.

The Relationship is all about understanding and with Skype video calling, you can see the real live expressions of your sweetheart. You may notice their health, status and how they’re living, even if you don’t want to ask them directly.

You can surprise your partner and can make them happy while capturing their real reaction at the same time.

This app is a thumbs-up for everyone!

#2 TheIceBreak – Couple’s Therapy in an App

Did you know a strong emotional connection can help overcome physical separation? Yes, it can! TheIceBreak app brings you couple’s therapy with just a single touch.

Communication can get really tough when you are living away from each other. You might want to ask your partner so many things, but not being able to. The carefully compiled Q&A of TheIceBreak app will help you know about your darling’s thoughts and feelings.

What’s more? The app offers ‘Date Night Coins’ as incentives to keep answering questions. The scores (aka vouchers) can be encashed when you meet your partner.

This app can really make your relationship better.

#3 Marco Polo – Talk & Watch Your Sweetheart All You Want

Marco Polo makes keeping in touch fun and personal. It is a combination of a video recorder, walkie talkie, email and some silly filters to make everything come alive. This app is free for iOS and Android users.

Erratic schedule? Not a problem! This visual walkie talkie app will keep you connected when Skype or WhatsApp calling is not an option. With Marco Polo, you can send your significant other a video message whenever you feel like and they can open and see when they have time.

Say goodbye to awkward voicemails and say hello Marco Polo!

#4 You&Me – Let the Communication Flow Simply

Communication is key to the success of any relationship, near or far. When you are far from your beloved, communication becomes more important than ever.

You&Me has no complicated features. It only focuses on helping you communicate better with your sweetheart.

The moment you sign up for this app, the logo of the app changes into your and your beloved’s initials, example J&J for Jane and John. Isn’t that cute?

The “&” button allows you to send lovely photos, selfies, pictures and everything adorable to your beau. You can also take halfsies meaning one-half of you and the other half of your darling and then merge it together.

This app is a wonderful way to stay connected.

#5 Without – Adorable App Built by a Long-distance Couple

Without is an application specially created to help people in long-distance relationships by a long-distance couple. So, you can guess that this app has everything you need to feel close to your loved one.

The app features intuitive extras, such as reminders to send a love note, pre-set texts and lots of selfie options. A unique feature of this app is that it monitors your relationship by how far you two are, how long you have been apart from each other and how long it has been since you two communicated with each other.

Knowing that you are away for too long will make you two make an effort to meet up soon!

# 6 Couple – Stay Close Even When You’re Not

Privacy is what all couples need, and Couple app exactly provides your need. This free application is your very own private network where you can share private photos, chats, and videos to each other.

Miss your beloved’s presence? The app’s ThumbKiss feature takes care of that. When you two touch the phone at the same spot, it will make the phone vibrate simultaneously. The vibration will make you feel like you are connected to one another, even if you are a hundred miles away.

You might think the ThumbKiss is a bit too cheesy, but you are surely going to fall in love with it!

# 7 Touchnote – Send Love Postcards to Your Partner

Isn’t it lovely to receive gifts? And especially from people whom we love? Touchnote is an app for tangible reminders of your moment of love.

The app bridges the gap between virtual and reality by enabling couples to create real-life postcards from their phone. You can pull pictures from your camera, add in some heartfelt messages, specify the address of your loved one and hit send. The application is going to print the postcard and mail it to your partner, on your behalf.

This app can seriously make your partner feel loved and special.

#8 We-connect – Have Your Intimate Desires Fulfilled

Do you miss the physical nearness? Do you crave for your partner’s presence and that is creating a rift between you two? Then, We-connect is definitely for you.

The issue of intimacy is so great that a lot of couples crack under pressure and give up. Fortunately, We-connect is the next best thing to physically being together.

We-vibe is a series of sex toys and vibrators that have an accompanying app called We-connect. This application allows couples to control the toys from any corner of the world.
Your romance will remain hot and keep physical longing alive from miles away.

This app is revolutionary for long-distance couples. A big bow to technology!

#9 SimplyUs – Organize Your Life Together

Life can get extremely busy, but you do not have to miss a single moment of not being a part of your beau’s life. SimplyUs is a free application that allows you to organize and coordinate your life together.

You can share your to-do lists and calendars with your significant other. This application ensures that there are peace and happiness in long-distance relations with no place for doubt or jealousy (especially, if you are super possessive!)

FYI, SimplyUs voted as the best couple calendar app.

#10 HeyTell – Hear Each Other’s Voices

Can’t sync up for a live phone call? HeyTell is for you. You shouldn’t have to wait to hear your beloved’s voice.

What do you do when you desperately want to hear your partner’s voice? Listen to high-quality, recorded voice messages that your partner has sent for you, via HeyTell. You can listen to the voice anytime you want and any number of times you want. Put in on loop, if that makes you happy.

This app takes conversations to a whole new level of high.

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