Some Common Questions Women Ask Their Gynecologists! 

Every woman fears visiting her gynecologist due to several reasons. No matter how friendly she is, you sometimes feel shy asking some personal questions. But, you better ask all your queries in front of her. Visiting your Gynae Doctor In Jaipur once in six months is mandatory. Here is a list of common questions and answers generally women ask their gynecologists. You can bring a pen and copy to note down her answers or simply turn on the recorder of your mobile phone. Besides these, ask the doctor to provide her number. During your nine months of pregnancy, you may need her at any point. So, lookout for a doctor sensitive enough to understand your worries and handle your questions maturely. 

We Know About Common Birth Control Measures. Which One is the Best? 

The best way is to have a secure sexual life. Use condoms when you are not seeking a baby immediately. If you use condoms properly, you do not need to gulp down birth control pills. Birth control pills have serious side effects. You may gain a lot of weight or face heavy bleeding once the reaction of the dosage ends. You can also choose IUDs or implants. But if you need a secured and problem-free apt solution, you should go for a well-branded condom. You can ask your Gynae doctor in Jaipur about this. 

I Experience Excruciating Pain During Sex Every Time. Why? 

Pain during intercourse is a normal thing. Generally, due to less lubrication, you may feel such problems. But with time, this pain dissipates. But if you feel excruciating pain even if you are properly lubricated, the reason may be different. You may have a vaginal infection or any type of vaginal disease. It is important for you to visit your doctor as soon as possible. She can suggest some tests that you need to do ASAP. With proper treatment and timely medication, you can get over this problem. Please contact your Gynae Doctor In Jaipur soon. 

Why Do I Experience Heavy Flow or Irregular Periods? 

Irregular periods are the early sign of PCOD or PCOS. Sometimes it is also indicated in ovarian cysts. Heavy flow and irregular periods cannot be seen together or maybe seen together sometimes. As problems vary from person to person, the gynecologist will ask you to go through a few tests. Once your test results are out, your gynecologist will suggest treatments. With proper treatment, you can get rid of this situation and experience a normal menstrual cycle. 

Do  I Need to Undergo Any Tests? 

Every doctor asks you to go through a few tests to know more about your body and how it is performing. While visiting your doctor, explain your medical conditions, there can be several reasons behind that. A lot of underlying diseases can be there, and hence, the doctor will ask you to go through a lot of tests. He asks you to go for the tests just to understand your body in detail and find why you have such medical conditions. If you visit a gynecologist soon, your doctor may ask you to undergo a few tests. So, prepare your mind and your wallet too for a few upcoming tests. 

Why Do I Have a Vaginal Discharge? 

Vaginal discharges are very common for most women out there. You may face water-like discharges from your vagina. This is common until you see a change in color, consistency, odor, and other features. If you face any type of changes at any point, you should contact your gynecologist. The change of color, consistency, and odor generally indicates a vaginal infection. Your gynecologist will surely prescribe some medicine. Upon taking those medicines, you will feel better. 

Can I Use Intimate Parts Washing Products Regularly? 

Vaginal washing products are available in plenty. But you must not use any of those as they can hamper the normal pH balance of your vaginal area. Doctors prescribe using only water and mild soap to clean the area. Most of these bottled vaginal washes are very bad for your health. Consult your best and most reliable gynecologist before taking any decision. 


We bring you some common questions women ask in front of their gynecologists. If you face any other problems, you can ask your doctor. Do not feel shy, as that can worsen the situation. Contact your doctor ASAP when you face any sort of physical abnormalities.