Top 5 Benefits of Playing Games at Work

playing games

Many companies provide tools to increase productivity in the workplace. Here on the General Post we’ve even covered some of the most common productivity apps on our website. Aside from the one’s we’ve already covered, there’s another way to improve productivity. Newsflash: it’s playing video games! With so many adults playing video games these days, … Read more

10 Rules for Success in Life

rules for success in life

Do you wish to be successful in life? Well, we all wish to be successful in life, at work and in pretty much everything we do or plan to do. But we can’t get success in everything and it is a part of life. But we can increase the success rate because only we can manage … Read more

Time Tested Secrets of Online Bargain Hunting

Online Bargain Hunting Secrets

The truth about Internet shopping is, you’re never convinced that you have the best price, even though you know it’s much less than you’d pay in the retails store! Agreed, given the economies of scale in internet-based selling, you’re never too far from some mind-blowing top bargains on the web. But what if we told … Read more

How a Walk in Nature can Improve your Brain for Better

Walk in Nature

Taking the steps towards better health helps you prevent the onset of disease while improving your sense of wellness for the long term. Walking is one of the easiest ways to begin improving your health. But walking in the city can result in different health effects when compared to walking in nature. Nature walks improve … Read more

10 Apps That Will Make Your Long Distance Relationship Works

long distance relationship

You may have heard people saying long-distance relationships don’t work out for long. They might be right a few years ago, but with today’s technological advancements, you can make your long-distance relationship work perfectly. If you are going through it or think that your relationship might suffer because of long distance, then this article is … Read more

7 Steps to Weight Loss for Men Over 40 Age

weight loss for men over 40 age

Why do most men above 40 find it really difficult to shed those extra pounds? Or to ask it in more relevant terms, why is this age of 40+ so vulnerable to fat accumulation and so hard for losing weight? If you are over 40 years and facing challenges to slim yourself down, then the … Read more

Most Potent Full Body Exercises to That Perfect Shape [Unisex]

Full Body Exercise

There are seemingly countless exercises available that are enough for us to wonder which to choose from and which to leave. However, when it comes to full-body workout, there are few, which the fitness experts can have a good convergence on. Usually, the exercises that are easy to perform and target multiple muscle groups are … Read more

5 Mythical Creatures That Might Still Exist in the World


Most of us must have heard stories about mythical creatures and legendary monsters at one point in time or the other. Though the world has fairly little knowledge about the origins of these beings, but many people have all the reasons to believe that they do really exist even today. Once being part of the … Read more

5 Worst Ideas for Home Renovations that Decrease the Smartness of Your Home

worst renovation ideas

House renovations are getting so popular nowadays. More and more houses are being upgraded for several reasons. Some people are renovating their homes to raise the value of the house by adding smart devices, and some are renovating for the perfect luxury or retirement home. Renovations could be dicey and expensive. And sometimes when the … Read more

5 Healthy Foods to Help Reduce Inflammation

healthy foods

Inflammation is body’s action as self-protection which aims is to reduce harmful stimuli, damaged cells & pathogens and start healing process. Components of foods or beverages may have anti-inflammatory effects that have shown by many experimental studies. If you choose right food, you may be able to reduce the risk of illness. But a wrong selection of … Read more

5 Ways to Save Money on Renovation

Home renovation

It is interesting and challenging when it comes to renovating your home. Whether you make simple changes in rooms, or you transform the entire house. With a proper renovation planning, it can enhance the sustainability of your home. Budget is the biggest fear when you talk about the renovation. Here are some ideas that can help … Read more

5 Tips on How to Boost Your Child Confidence

boost child confidence

A child’s self-esteem is an important part to increase their mental strength and social well-being. It is the foundation of key to success and well-being of the child to their whole life. Parents are the main fountain to increase a confidant of a child. If you are a parent, then you can expose your child … Read more

5 Tips for New Pet Owners

new pet owners

The first few days in your home are special as well as crucial for your new buddy. Your pup will be mostly confused and would wonder what to expect from you. New dog owners are confused as well. Being a new pet owner, you will face a bunch of uncertainties. Basic dog care might not … Read more

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5 Foods That Are Helpful To Control Your Anger

Control Anger

The food we tend to eat creates numerous sensations within the body. Some foods are beneficial, whereas others create us additional aggressive. Our hot mood can be under control by eating some types of foods. Here is a list of foods that help to control our body with their group of optimal foods. #1 – Bananas Bananas contain dopamine that enhances mood. They are a rich source of vitamin … Read more

4 Easy Ways to Know About Your Dog’s Body Language

afraid dog body sign

Different breeds of dogs display a large variety of behavior. Some dogs are very calm and patient, some are lazy, some are too aggressive, some are fast runners, etc. In fact, some dogs learn the behavior and some have genetically inherited it from their parents. Many at times, dogs are bred according to their characteristics. … Read more

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9 Best Home Cinema Ideas


Watching movies and your favorite television shows on a big screen is always like a dream especially when this dream comes alive. Now you can create your own personal theatre at home and invite your friends and family to watch movies and shows along with you. You can follow the given nine home cinema ideas … Read more

5 Famous Wedding Destinations in the World with their Top Venues

The wedding is a ceremony where two people united together with their friends and families. Wedding venues should be ideal because it varies between different social classes, religions, cultures, and countries. It adds colors to the wedding and creates unforgettable moments where all people gathered. If you are seeking awesome wedding destinations in 2016, here … Read more

How to choose a perfect wedding reception venue

Reception Venue

You have found an excellent bridegroom and bought that fantastic dress.  You’re expecting a perfect wedding venue. You now desire the best wedding reception venue. Choose smartly when finding a relationship venue. It is, after all, where you will share lasting remembrances with family and friends. Here are some wonderful ideas for that ideal wedding … Read more

The Value of Marketing to Your Existing Customers

marketing value

Most of those who are indulged in service businesses have much known and understand the importance of existing and old customers for their business. The major reasons for their importance are- They know the nature of your work and services you have provided so far and have a good experience working with you. They can … Read more