8 Mobile Marketing Strategies You Must Follow in 2021

Nowadays, everything is getting digitalized. Every business is trying hard to reach their potential customers through different technologies, bringing them more wins.

Mobile is a device that is with everyone in today’s world, irrespective of their age group and educational background. Mobile has been an unavoidable necessity for everyone from kids to adults, from rich to poor.

Every section of society is addicted to mobile phones. At this point, if any business reaches out to their customers via their mobile phone, it can create an excellent opportunity for the company to catch the customer’s attention.

Reaching out to the audience through their mobile phone is not that easy as it seems. There should be proper strategies through which every business should approach mobile Marketing.  

What Is Mobile Marketing?

By the name, Mobile marketing means to market your business and find out potential customers who will buy from you; through mobile phones. And keeping today’s world in mind, mobile marketing is a new but innovative idea to stand out in your business.

Like other marketing strategies such as Facebook marketing, social media marketing etc.; Mobile marketing should also have proper techniques that will attract customers organically towards your business.

Why Is It important?

Mobile marketing can be a fresh and innovative approach to market your business. It will neither irritate your customers if you target them correctly and also it will make them feel special when you offer them discounts, coupons personally through their mobiles.

This way, the concept of mobile marketing is standing out well, and every digital business is trying to excel in mobile marketing because it is giving insane results.

Top 8 Mobile Marketing Strategies

  • The Personal Approach Feels Special

As the world is getting Digitised more, every personal touch feels so special. In today’s era, through different technologies, people have gained closer but emotionally; they have been going through different types of ups and downs in their respective lives. Keeping this in mind, any personal message that will add value to people’s lives can catch their attention faster.

Every business can reach out to their customers with messages, different offers, and discounts that will feel them personal. If you can develop a strategy to know each of your potential audience and can message them in personalised ways, nothing can be better than that.

  • Frequency of Message Is Essential

In addition to taking care of what your message says and how personal it feels; you should also count your letter that you are sending to your customers. Frequency of your message can create a lot of difference in the kind of response you get from your customers.

If you are reaching out to ‘X’ numbers of customers daily, there are chances that at least 40-50% of the customers may take action provided your products or services add value to their lives. But if you will decrease your frequency to once in a month or less than that; propel tends to forget about your business and that’s why they may take less action than previously mentioned situations.

  • SEO Is Unavoidable

Search Engine Optimisation is something that you can not skip no matter what kind of marketing you do digitally. So even if it’s mobile marketing, you should focus on Search Engine Optimisation. People often go on Google or any search engine when they look for any products or services.

A search engine optimized business can get faster and easier attention from potential customers than those who have not adequately optimized their businesses. To stand out in mobile marketing, it is also essential to Optimise your business to come up in search engines. Only search engine optimization can help you gain so many organic audiences passively without putting much effort into converting them from a visitor to a customer.

  • Develop Your Database

It is impossible to send messages to every customer separately, no matter how hard you try. So to make it easier, you can have your database. You send your customers messages to offer them discounts, coupons, sales for special occasions or any other information your customer may need.

It will get you customers, because you are reaching out to them through their mobile phone which they can not skip. Apart from it, messaging will help you bring a positive impact on your audiences about your business. They will get to know more about you and your ethics, intentions and many more. This personal information can help in creating a bond between your business, and it’s potential customers. This special bond can build trust, and that trust converts audiences into customers.

  • Target Customers

Sending messages is essential, keeping a personal touch in your notes if necessary, but one thing that you should not miss out on is to target your audiences. If you send messages to the wrong people, it May harm your brand image, people may think negatively about your business, and it can create rumours.  

So it is essential to create an audience who will be likely to buy your products or services. Look at your product or service, figure out which age group, and people with what qualifications, which gender will like to buy that product or service. Therefore, please find out your targeted audience and send them messages regularly.

  • Develop Your Mobile Application

You can send messages to your targeted customers regularly but what will be more effective is if you have your mobile application. Through your application, you can send your customers daily reminders, notifications and many more things.

Generally, people do not pay attention to messages. But when they have installed your application for some reasons, it is more likely that they will be more attentive towards your notifications.

You can offer different types of discounts, coupons and other extra exciting gifts for your customers which may stop them for a while. Through the mobile application, you can add value to your customer’s lives. So it is more manageable and visible if you have mobile applications when it comes to reaching your customers.

  • Mobile-Friendly Websites

Having your website is an unavoidable necessity if you are in an online business. But there are certain websites which do not open on mobile or are not very mobile-friendly. So if you want to start mobile marketing, you need to make your website mobile-friendly. Because people look at their mobile screen for most of the time in comparison to laptops or computers, so it becomes easier to reach a larger audience when your platform is on their mobiles.

It should be your priority to create a website with a simple user interface so that everyone can use it irrespective of age and backgrounds.

  • Social Media Engagement

Although it is about mobile marketing, social media comes under this as many people use social media from mobile phones. That’s why you need to build firm social media profiles to take your mobile marketing into the next level. Businesses often get confused while choosing social media platforms to build their brands. An easy solution to this will be going to a more comfortable venue. But you can also use research to finalise on which platform you are going to start. Nowadays, Pinterest is becoming more popular than Twitter. You can choose your own.

Creating a social media profile will help you engage with your customers directly. Through their mobile phones, you can get to know what they like and what they do not, you can add value to their lives through your social media contents and many more. So this can be a good connection between you and your customers that can be built through mobile phones.


No matter what you do, the strategy is essential. So in mobile marketing, a wrong approach will get you nowhere. That’s why it is necessary to create a roadmap before you start this mobile marketing. As the mobile phone has no substitution nowadays, it will be foolish if you skip mobile marketing while you want to develop your online business. Online businesses have so many marketing types starting from SEO, social media, content marketing, Facebook ads, and many more to reach their customers. But mobile marketing is a newly emerging field that can help you connect with your audience on a personal level and probably daily. Because there can be a day without Facebook but not without mobile. If you want to take your business to the next level, you need to understand mobile marketing and start it strategically.

Above eight are top strategies to do useful mobile marketing and win more customers with less effort. If you are a businessman, it is essential to know your audiences and what they will like to get from you and attract them more. Mobile marketing is just an application of all this information in a strategic way to convert audiences into customers who will buy from you. Make smarter choices when it comes to marketing because this is how you reach out to your customers and develop your business.

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