How To Save Money on Custom Pre-Roll Packaging

If you’re in the market for custom pre-roll packaging boxes, we can help. We can supply you with high-quality merchandising packaging that will make your product stand out on the shelf but at a price that won’t break your bank. This article takes an in-depth look at how you can save money on custom pre-roll packaging while maintaining an eye-catching design.

Pre-Roll Packaging: A Quick Primer

The pre-roll industry is divided into two distinct categories: Medical and Recreational. It’s a relatively new marketplace, with recreational pre-rolls only coming out in the last few years, but it has boomed quickly. The medical side of things is a little more developed, with companies offering cartridges that have everything from pure CBD oil to high THC extracts.

By the way, pre roll box falls into two general categories: Blunt-style packages and joint boxes/papers/bags. Joint containers are just what they sound like. An empty paper or box that you fill with your own product before rolling it up. Blunt-style packaging comes folded over your product so that there are already creases, and it is easier to shape into a cone.

Why custom pre-roll boxes?

Blunt-style containers might be the most popular type of pre-roll package right now. But that may change as more people experiment with different types of packaging. Some brands are trying out new container styles, such as roll trays, which have dots on them to show where cups go.

This allows you to put your weed in measured amounts. You close up the tray, and it creates a tight seal. One brand uses two paper cones that attach together by mouth, which makes it almost perfect for filtering smoke.

Custom Pre-Roll Packaging Can Be More Affordable Than You Think

Ease of use is another reason why pre-roll packaging is important. Some brands are also trying to make their products as easy as possible for consumers. Such as cones that come already filled with weed or containers that work like your standard plastic baggies.

Beyond those benefits, custom pre-rolls can be a marketing tool and can increase brand awareness. If you want to know more about how a specific container can affect people’s perception of a product, read the article “From Concept to Reality: How Container Design Affects Perceived Value” from The Rolling Paper Store.

As far as price goes, it really depends on the market and what type of custom pre-rolls you’re for. There are different packaging techniques that can be used, which changes the price. It’s also important to take into account how much weed is in each pre-roll and what your profit margins are.

Comparing Prices from Multiple Pre-Roll Packaging Companies

It’s critical to do your research and find pre-roll packaging companies that can provide you with reliable, easy-to-use products. We’ve supported dozens of satisfied customers thru websites. All of them like what we bring to the table – saving time and money when it comes to selecting a custom pre-roll box or custom joint tubes.

Ordering is simple. You just need to upload your logo in vector format (.ai, .pdf). The shopping cart will guide you through the rest of the process. Remember that there are two rounds of proofs included with your order, so if something is not perfect, don’t worry.

For instance, it would depend on what type of pre-rolls you are looking to sell. If you want something affordable, then use generic tubes. But if customers are looking for something more unique, then it is your option to put their name or other creative things printed on them.

 What are the benefits of custom pre-roll packaging?

  • The packaging is made to your specifications. It is the only way to ensure that you know what works best for you.
  • You can use it as promotional material for other products, but without compromising the quality of the product itself. For example, if you are planning on giving out free pre-rolls with smoking accessories, then using custom packaging will help customers know what the items are used for.
  • When people feel valued, they are more satisfied. Make your customers feel like this by customizing the packages that they buy from you.
  • With barcodes and other designs on each product, you can keep track of inventory easier. This way, when it is time to count up the products, you will know which ones are missing.

When it comes to branding and marketing, there is no better way than by using custom printed packages. As long as the business owners take the time to think about what design would best fit their company identity, then putting up a smoke shop should become much simpler.

 How can I save money on custom pre-roll packaging?

One of the ways that you can save money on custom pre-roll packaging is by designing everything yourself. This way, you will not have to pay for someone else to design it for you.

The cheapest solution is to design simple paper packages. They should have a place where customers can write their names down and how much they are supposed to smoke per day or week.

However, many people do this: they tear off the bottom of packages so that no one knows what type of cannabis products are inside. But this is not a good idea. Packages already have information about the contents on them.

 Customize your pre-roll box with a variety of options

Not only do you not need to pay someone else for designing your pre-roll package, but you also cut down on costs by doing it yourself. The best way is to use an inexpensive paperboard box that fits your needs. Then, buy standard Avery labels with full sheets (sizes A4/A5). It’s up to you if you want to design stickers in Microsoft Word or download them online. Use a nice font so that it looks good when printing out in small quantities, say 5-10 pieces per sheet.

Why should you choose us as a supplier of custom pre-roll packaging solutions?

Companies have been providing various kinds of packaging solutions for many years. Besides, our company has got ISO9001 Certificate and FDA Registration Certificate. As one of the top suppliers in China, we are willing to tell you more about how to customize your own pre-roll boxes.

Reasons why you need a pre-roll box when manufacturing

The biggest characteristic of pre-roll is that it’s a paperboard with folding lines on the two sides, with a flat tab inserted into folds. It can be opened and closed easily by pulling the tab gently. The main function of this kind of package is to protect the product from dust and moisture. For example, ZERO THC oil cartridges usually take the shape of a cylinder. A pre-roll box that protects it well is the best choice for packaging. Get the best custom made boxes with logo at a wholesale rate.

Pre-roll box specifications Pre-roll paperboard has a term called “reel size,” which determines its size and number of perforations on two sides (also perforated on one side is possible). The most common reel size is 2″, but it’s also ok to ask your supplier to make them according to your product dimensions.

When you design pre-roll boxes, pay attention to specifying relevant information like logo, barcode, etc., clearly. That makes sure your brand name can be recognized by consumers easily. A professional manufacturer will help you solve any problems in making paperboard boxes efficiently.