How to Save Maildir Emails in MSG Files?

Maildir and MSG files are two different file formats and if you want to save Maildir emails in MSG files, then this article will provide the best method to do that. Also, we explain the methods for this method in detail. So, read the article to the end.

The two file formats Maildir and MSG files are different from each other. Maildir is a file format that stores email messages whereas MSG file is a file format that stores Outlook messages like email, contact, calendar, event, journal, task, etc. Both of the file formats save one information per file. The Maildir files are used in many platforms like Thunderbird, Qmail, Procmail, etc. MSG files on the other hand, only use MS Outlook.

Therefore, both the files are different from each other, but still, some users are out there who want to export Maildir data in MSG format. The reason is that, nowadays with the increase in the popularity of Outlook, it is easy to access your data. That’s why, to easily manage your Maildir emails, users want to convert them to MSG files. For this, we explain the method to export the files.

Way to Save Maildir Emails in MSG Files

While we search for the manual method to convert Maildir files into MSG files, we find it. So, this means that there is no manual way to export the Maildir files to MSG files, as both the files are different to each other. However, there is an automated method which is very easy to use. This method will effectively transfer your Maildir emails into MSG format and then you can open the files in Outlook. For this, we are going to use a third-party software. In the next section, we explain this method more clearly.

Save Maildir Emails in MSG Files using an Automated Method

As there is no manual way to export your emails, a third-party tool will help you in this situation. There are various software available in the market which are nice. But, among them, we introduce you to FreeViewer’s Maildir Converter Tool developed using advanced technology. This software allows users to easily convert their Maildir files into MSG, PST, EML, MBOX, PDF, etc. thus, you can use it to not only export the files in MSG but also, in other file formats that you want. Not only this, but it also provides amazing features as well.

Features of Tool

  • You can use this software to export sub-directories of Maildir, such as cur, temp, and new.
  • Before you convert the files you can preview your data in HEX, HTML, RTF, MIME, etc.
  • There are different filter options available to export selected data like email filtering, date filter, and folder wise.
  • During the process, the tool maintains your properties with attachments and the folder structure.
  • You can save as many Maildir files and Maildir++ files as well.

Steps to Convert Maildir Files into MSG Files

  1. First of all, download and launch the software.
  2. Then the tool auto-detects your files and folder from your local storage space. Search your Maildir emails from the list of files and folders.
  3. Once you have found the files, click it and it will be shown in front of you.
  4. You can now preview your files in various modes like HEX, HTML, RTF, Attachments, etc.
  5. After that, we start the conversion process and click on the Export button at the top to convert all the files.
  6. Select the MSG button that you want to convert into.
  7. Click on Advanced Settings to further the export process. Select the Naming Convention option to name your resultant files.
  8. Select on the Date Filter option to export selected emails. Press the Save button.
  9. Now, browse the location where you want your resultant files stored and then the Export button.

By following these steps you can successfully save Maildir emails in MSG files. The MSG file is used in Outlook and if you want to open this file in Outlook. Then, it is very easy, just double-click the resultant MSG file and it will easily open in the program. By using this method, you can convert your Maildir files to other file formats without any difficulty.


Users who want their Maildir emails in the MSG format can now easily do this. In this article, we explain an automated way to save Maildir emails in MSG files. As there is no manual method available, this method will be an easy way to convert your files in the Windows system. We explain the steps of the files in a very simple way, so there would be no problem while you are working with the software.