10 Smart Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Hiccups Instantly

There can possibly be nothing as awkward and annoying in life as hiccups. The onset of this involuntary action of the body can be attributed to several causes such as overeating, intake of rich spicy food, disorders of the digestive system, sudden excitement or swallowing too fast. Even though hiccups last for a short while, they end up giving the sufferer a really tough time!

You can try out the following natural remedies for getting rid of persistent hiccups.

#1 – Consumption of refrigerated water or crushed ice

Immediately popping a handful of crushed ice into your mouth, or gulping down a glass of refrigerated water, can fetch instant relief from those bouts of hiccups. Allow the crushed ice to slowly melt in your mouth. The sudden change in temperature will shock your body and alleviate your hiccups. You could even add a few drops of fruit-flavored syrup for a better taste.

#2 – Drinking from the other side of the glass

This happens to be one of the most tried and tested methods for generations, in order to keep those irritating hiccups at bay! Drinking refrigerated water certainly helps, but in order to make this technique even more effective, you can try a small trick. Consume the water from the other side of the glass instead of the normal way of drinking. Simply bend over and lower your head. Then hold the glass near your mouth and draw in the cold water.

#3 – Letting some vinegar trickle down your throat

Did you know that the extremely sour taste of vinegar can be a quick fix for your hiccups? The next time you find yourself struggling for some relief, just dilute some raw vinegar with water. Any kind of vinegar would help but we recommend trying Apple Cider Vinegar. The sharp taste instantly distracts the mind and puts an end to those hiccups.

#4 – Swallowing a teaspoon of sugar

Putting some sugar beneath your tongue is a marvelous solution for hiccups. This is undoubtedly the best remedy for the kids since they are often unable to try out the other methods. Take one teaspoon full of sugar and let it remain in your mouth for some time. Let the granules of sugar dissolve into your mouth, instead of trying to chew them. This will help by stimulating one particular nerve in your system, as a result of which your hiccups would be gone for good.

#5 – Treating yourself to some yummy hazelnut/peanut/almond butter

This one is surely going to be your hot favorite! All your near and dear ones know how fiercely possessive you are, about those jars of chocolaty hazelnut/peanut butter! Now you have a new reason to adore them even more! Whenever you get hiccups, immediately take a spoonful of hazelnut/peanut/almond butter and put it into your mouth. No need to chew. Keep it for some time before swallowing. As you swallow the dense creamy butter, it comes in the way of your breathing and your hiccups are automatically stalled.

#6 – Putting your breath on hold

The technique of holding your breath is another example of those classic remedies for hiccups. Just take a deep breath and try holding it as long as possible without allowing any air to escape. Wait for a few seconds before slowly releasing your breath. Keep repeating this till your hiccups disappear. It is the concentration of carbon dioxide in your bloodstream which would successfully eliminate the hiccup cycles.

#7 – Relaxing your muscles with cardamom

Cardamom is an ideal ingredient for hiccup remedies since it is capable of relaxing your muscles. Finely powder 4-5 pieces of green cardamom and boil it in water. Then strain the liquid, consume it small sips and watch your hiccups vanish.

#8 – A dash of lemon juice for relief

If you find yourself in the grip of hiccups at home, simply rush to the kitchen and squeeze out the juice of a lemon. Consume a teaspoon of this raw juice to witness the magic! In case this is too much for you to handle, you can dilute it with some water. Sucking on a rind of lemon with a pinch of salt is also an excellent idea. You would be compelled to swallow hard because of the astonishingly strong taste, and that would stop the hiccups.

#9 – Tickling your throat with a cotton swab

It might sound a little funny, but tickling the surface of your throat with the help of a sterilized cotton swab can really help during hiccup cycles. The same theory is applicable when you start singing or laughing out loud. You might even sip into a fizzy drink for inducing burps and driving the hiccups away.

#10 – Facilitating the deeper contraction of your diaphragm with a paper bag

This paper bag method is a commonly used remedy for hiccups, but you need to exercise a bit of caution in this case. People with a history of hypertension, pulmonary or cardiac ailments, should strictly stay away from this technique. The basic principle behind this method is to increase the concentration of carbon dioxide, so as to facilitate a deeper contraction of the diaphragm, for fetching greater amounts of oxygen. Covering your mouth area with a paper bag and breathing into it several times without taking your mouth out, would do the trick.