Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing the Best Hand Woven Rugs

Like many other expenditures for your house, purchasing a new rug requires a certain level of commitment. It is imperative that one makes every effort to achieve success on the very first attempt. If you do this, you can avoid losing money and time, not to mention a significant amount of aggravation. However, what steps should you take to make the best decision? The following list of things that you should and should not do when choosing a hand woven rug

Explore a Variety of Rug Options

You should research the many rugs fabric selections available. The way they seem is merely one facet of the story. You care more about how long they endure, how well they resist stains, and how sturdy they are.

Think About the Aesthetics

When looking for a new rug, many people begin with the rug’s aesthetic. It makes a statement and has the potential to become the centerpiece that unifies the remaining d├ęcor. When picking a hand woven rug, make sure that the pattern and colors suit the remaining space.

Avoid Thinking That There Is Always One Ideal Kind of Rugs

It’s possible to fall into the trap of stereotyping rugs based on the most salient features you discover about each category. But doing so would be a terrible idea. A nylon rug in the bedroom could be comfortable, but it wouldn’t be ideal for the hallway. It is essential to choose a rug suitable for the area’s purpose and the number of people walking on it.

Contemplate Texture

Adding a hand woven rug to a room is a fantastic way to change the feel of the decor. You may get a sense of a rug’s effect on a room by touching it. Not all will have the same texture; some will be better suited to certain rooms. The appearance and feel are not the only things to think about when shopping for a rug; you must also consider the materials and fiber strands utilized.

Do Not Ignore the Provided Warranties

Don’t take a manufacturer’s warranty lightly. Contact the manufacturer and ask as many inquiries as possible if the price tag needs to be added. The duration and kind of warranty offered on a rug are good indicators of its quality because of the high expense involved on the manufacturer’s end if it has to be replaced. You can trust that they stand by their goods if they are prepared to back it up financially.

Insight into Fabrics

A hand woven rug may be made from a variety of materials, each of which contributes to the rug’s unique look and lifespan. First things first, choose if you want natural fibers such as wool or synthetics such as nylon. High amounts of twist in the fiber strands indicate increased durability and less probability of unraveling, so keep an eye out for these qualities.

Shop Around Until You Find the Best Deal

When searching for a rug, finding a reliable shop is crucial. You want us to address all your questions before you commit to anything. Be bold and ask questions.

Evaluate Quality

Although weight and cost often indicate rugs’ quality, they are not necessarily the best indicators. Its density suggests its longevity, regardless of whether it was made by hand. For this reason, you should pay close attention to the demands and the space for which you want to buy the hand woven rug. Rugs in the bedroom get less foot traffic than those in the living room, so they aren’t subject to the same wear and tear.

Determine the Sizes

When shopping for a rug, size matters. Make sure your space is large enough to accommodate the whole area by measuring its measurements. A misplaced rug may throw off a room’s aesthetic and make it seem than it is.

Avoid Choosing the Nearest Megastore Without Thinking

Although it’s handy, a big box shop may offer a lower selection or price. Stay aware of the hype and false promises of the commercials. When purchasing a hand woven rug, pay close attention to the rug’s quality and how your inquiries are addressed.

Regular Upkeep is Essential

Once you’ve decided on a rug, it’s essential to maintain it as directed. Following the care instructions is necessary to keep the rug looking new for as long as possible.


It’s incredible how much a new hand woven rug can change the feel of a space. They are an easy method to improve the aesthetics of your house and make it seem cozier. Keeping these suggestions in mind will provide you with a solid grounding from which to choose the ideal rug for your needs. The rug in your home will last for many years. While researching, you may ask as many questions as necessary and be as fussy as you want.