How to Convert your Android Phone Into a Bugging Device!

Android cell phones are one of the most important gadgets in the modern world. Its user-friendly interface has been fascinated the users since the devices have come into their hands. The ability to download the apps from the play store is very easy for the users and the state of the art features have made the Android gadget top of the list of the users.

When it comes to the launching of the latest Android phones, users are always on standby to get their hands on newly launched cell phones device. as for as my individual opinion is concerned no other OS has yet to get such a positive appreciation from the users. These smartphones are available in the reasonable price and as well as for those who want luxury devices or gadgets.

It means the OS does not have discrimination against the rich and the poor. The Android gadgets popularity can be measured rough its usage among kids and teens. They use these phones for several different reasons and parents have to keep an eye on their kids and teens to the fullest when devices connected to the cyber world. Today we are discussing to change the Android phone into bugging device for parenting or spying on someone’s phone in particular.

What actually is Android bugging device?

Bugging device means that enable a user to get all the information of android phone device and the activities happen on the phone along with complete time stamp. Whenever a user is using their phone converted into bugging device provide user concrete information regarding each and every single activity regarding phone calls, text messages, visiting websites and apps, chat and conversations happen on the phone inbox or through the social messaging apps, shared media files, screenshots of the activities, GPS location of target android phone and last but not the least the android phone’s surrounding sounds and chat conversations and surrounds images.

Having all these attributes within the android phone to transmit to the user made the phone a complete and state of the art bugging device.

Why should Android phone change into bugging gadget?

The use of the Android phone is a trend nowadays; everyone wants to keep a smartphone that is running on an Android operating system. Employers put heavy investment on company’s owned devices such as smartphones for their customer services representatives. Employers should change the phones into bugging device to listen to the chats and conversation employees usually made with the clients to get know the behavior and way of communication. Secondly, kids and teens who spend their all the time on the phones and use instant messaging applications to do one on one chat with the online friends and group chat conversations. They shared media files such as videos and photos and often become the victim of cyber bullies, stalkers, and sexual predators. They also encounter with pornographic content while using the Android devices and lose their health due to the excessive use of social media platforms through Android smartphones.

Cyber infidelity is on the rise, and spouses often get cheated by their partners and have the extramarital affairs. The online infidelity has risen due to the use of cell phones and the dating apps when phones are connected to the internet. Having all these issues parents should track teens and kid’s activities, employers have to make check and balance on their employees and spouses should keep an additional eye on their husband online activities by making Android phones into the bugging device.

Converting Android phone into a bugging device

If parents, employers, and spouses are looking forward to having a bugging device or app, they should use the cell phone monitoring software by installing it on their cell phones. They will have a complete and state of the art android bugging device. Once the Android Spy Software installed on the device successfully and then activates it on the phone. Now parents can track teen’s IM’s social media activities and view the IM’s logs, IM’s chats and conversations, audio and video calls and shared media files such as photos and videos and parents will be able to protect teens from all online dangers having android bugging device. Secondly, employers will be able to view all the activities of their employees they do on the company’s owned android gadgets and they will get productivity from the employees.

They can check their emails through spy on emails of the android monitoring spyware, get screenshots of each and every single activity and last but not the least they can use TOS spy 360 live screen sharing and view the real-time activities of the employees within the TOS online control panel. Spouses will be able to listen to the surrounds sounds and conversations of the partners when they are outside the home and pretending to be in their offices by using the spy 360 live surrounds listening. Spouses can also view the surrounds of the partner in the shape of videos and photos through android surveillance app’s spy 360 live camera’s streaming.

Final Words
Install the cell phone monitoring software on your target android device and convert your phone into a bugging device.