The Best Way to Clean and Disinfect KN95 Masks

KN95 mask is similar to the N95 mask, but it is only certified in China, not in the USA. KN95 and N95 both mask filter 95% of particles. And contain a barrier between particles and liquid present in it. Mostly N95 is double strapped, and KN95 contains an ear loop. The Biggest difference is KN95 is not approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health( NIOSH).

All mask should fulfil all NIOSH criteria for medical applicants, although FDA has approved temporary use of certain unapproved NIOSH masks.

KN95 masks are not useless; they have not made US regulatory standards, but they are more effective than cloth masks and surgical masks and can also be used in certain clinical areas. 

Cloth masks do not give full protection against the virus, but it acts as a barrier from the virus’s droplets and aerosols. It can also protect you from non-symptomatic patients. They can release the virus without knowing it.

In regards to how to clean and disinfect masks, Covid-19 has contributed to a rise in concern.

Washing KN95 Masks: Reduce Effectiveness

Washing masks reduce their effect by up to 20%. The best suggestion we have seen is to use soap and water to wash masks. Test results show that washing KN95 masks with water decreases their filtration ability.

Using Alcohol to Disinfect Masks: Reduces Quality

Disinfection by alcohol dropped its ability to capture particles up to 37%. Maybe disinfection with alcohol is better than washing with water, and the mask does not need to be rubbed.

Suppose washing with alcohol and water doesn’t work. It means required a more effective way of disinfecting from contaminated particles.

The Authentic Way of Disinfectant

In a pandemic, everyone wants to know how to disinfect the mask, but one of the best ways is not to do anything just dry. The most authentic way of disinfectant is to let dry the mask neither using any chemicals or water. But the question is how long we have to dry to remove the virus. The virus can remain for a long duration.

After long research, it is stated that dry the mask for a disinfectant for at least 48 hours.

Reuse of KN95 :

This is only a suggestion for reusing the mask not merely a piece of medical evidence. If you frequently need to clean or disinfectant your mask, it will deteriorate quickly, and if you see your mask is getting deteriorated, discard it. It is no more effective than before. It will become more dangerous for your health.

You can use paper bags for storing the mask for reuse as paper bags are breathable. Each time use a new bag for storing.

Conclusion :

This is a complicated task proper disinfection and decontamination of KN95 face masks. You need the virus to be inactivated without affecting the filtration of the mask and its design. Once you remove your face mask, put it in a safe and covered place. Putting it uncovered can contaminate other things and places, and it can cause more danger for your health. Understand, during this pandemic, you are expected to protect your face, particularly. There are three doors for microbes to enter Mouth, Nose, and eyes by touching your face repeatedly. After decontamination, the researchers found that masks that had been decontaminated with ethanol spray did not work efficiently, and they did not suggest using this process.

By contrast, it was possible to use masks decontaminated with UV and VHP up to three times and work properly. Until function deteriorated, masks decontaminated with dry heat may be used twice. KN95 masks are usually replaced after each use.