5 Essentials to Increase Views on Digital Platforms 

We invest most of our time in different digital activities. It is easy to find the products and activities that we love and connect with our favourite services on virtual platforms. As a result, many business owners and investors focus on building their market and promoting their content online to interact with the customers and gain traffic and higher conversion rates. 

Various companies like comic book publishing houses in Tokyo, escape room in Bangalore, or fashion retail stores in Missouri rely on strategies to increase their online presence and gain more viewers for their business website. Thus, no matter your brand type, you can also boost views on digital platforms and gain tremendous benefits. Here are the 5-essentials that discuss how: 

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is one of the most popular ways of digital marketing. It allows the organisations, companies, and business owners to connect with their target customers and understand their prospects on a broader level. You can send your consumers customised and personalised newsletters to gently persuade them to invest in your products stay engaged with your services. Emails play a vital role in high rate conversations and bringing back the dormant customers to re-interact and become active subscribers in your business again. 

Based on a user’s shopping and online research history, you can pinpoint their brand engagement and touch-points that are similar to yours and provide them with different offers and benefits to attract them to your enterprise. And since subscribers are more prone to opening transnational and catchy emails that do not appear Spam and misleading, you can further use email marketing strategies to guide them to your official website and purchase from there, thus increasing viewers. 


Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of content marketing and qualitative plus quantitative result ranking on the search engine result page. If a customer searches for a rich chocolate cake recipe, chances are they will click any of the first four titles and select the ones down the page only when they are not satisfied with the results. Keeping this typical tendency in mind, the food blogging and recipe websites would do their best to get featured on the top. 

And SEO helps you accomplish this feat. It allows you to optimise content, keeping in mind the user experience and friendly nature of the posts to keep them engaged and curious to explore more on your website. Through SEO strategies and tools, you can also fix several debugging issues of your web page and arrange the technical attributes of your content to encourage the search engines to discover your website and display it on the SERP. And once your title gets highlighted, your viewer rates will soon get boosted on the digital platform. 


Backlinks are another significant aspect for boosting views on digital platforms and the website’s overall order on the organic result page. Search engines, especially Google, pay strict attention to backlinks and rank the ones with more links on the top. The reason behind this priority lies in the influence and impact that backlinks hold for any content. They symbolize that your work or article is reliable, rich in high-quality content, unique, and on par with user demands. 

While it is easy to get back-links for your website, you should keep in mind to only go for the right and white-hat links. They help make your website authoritative and gain the audience’s trust with your content material. Affiliate links and references give your post the appearance of being resourceful and of better quality and allow the search engine to rank it higher. And publishing more back-links in your work will further enable Google to find it fit for the audience’s consumption and thus elevate its visibility on the SERPs. 

Social Media 

Social media is an amplifying service and a practical tool that helps you gain the audience’s attention and draw them to your brand in simple steps. Due to its vast base with sharing capacity and user interaction elements, many companies and businesses promote their content on their platforms. And since the majority of the users visit a brand’s website after following them on social media and recommend it to their friends and family, you must establish a sound social media marketing strategy to promote your business. 

To improve your presence on social media and use it to gain views on any digital platform, you can start by focusing on quality rather than quantity and limiting your sight where your audience is available and easy to communicate. Various platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord, Instagram, Facebook, etc., are ideal for digital marketing and allow entrepreneurs to connect with their target audience. And by promoting your product and earning loyal subscribers, you can boost traffic and views for your digital website. 

Attractive Website 

Despite knowing not to judge by its cover, we often do the same thing. The same factor plays an effect even for websites. The audience looks for a generic website for any business before following it and determines its value based on its aesthetic appeal and overall beauty. They often tend to judge the appearance of a website based on the appearance of the first page and how it loads as they scroll down. So, for gaining views on digital platforms, you should also include the elements of aesthetic design and external appeal to engage the users. 

It is better to hire a web designer or an expert to design your website as they are well aware of how to match the colours, themes, and other artistic details with the central subject of your page and titles. They can reduce your website’s loading speed and make it more modernised and appealing to the human eye instead of giving it a monotonic appearance having only information dumped in it. 


So these were the 5-essential tools and tips that you can use to expand your online presence and gain more viewers on different digital platforms. Unlike the physical world, you can exist in numerous places virtually, and it gives you the benefit of connecting with as many people as you can. Therefore, go ahead and get the best out of the digital marketing strategies and implement them in your brand today to boost your revenue and become successful.