Mushroom Tea: A Convenient way to Consume Psychedelic Mussels

Mushroom tea – a convenient way to consume psychedelic mushrooms

Mussel tea This simple and tasty beverage is made when you infuse mushrooms (either edible culinary or psychedelic) into hot, boiled water. It is a quick, easy way to make a refreshing beverage. You can use either dried psilocybin mushroom or culinary varieties.

As a beginner, it is suggested that you start off with a low dosage, such as a gram of shrooms dried. This should produce an invigorating sensation without perceptible changes to vision, hearing or how one thinks or speaks.


Mushroom tea is an infusion made from either edible mushrooms (such as shiitake) or medicinal or psychedelic mushroom varieties. After boiling for around 30 minutes to extract flavors, strain into drinking cups and drink. Prior to use it is important to sterilize all equipment to protect from unwanted bacteria or wild yeast contamination.

Be cautious when purchasing mushrooms through Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Also, be wary of strangers you don’t know. Consult an expert before searching for mushrooms in the wild.

Once you’ve chosen the shroom strain that you want to consume, you can mark your calendar on a weekend and select a precise dose time. The effects will typically start between 10am-1130am. The peak effect is between 1130am-12noon lasting for about two hours.


Mushroom tea is an infusion of edible and psychedelic mushrooms in hot water. It is easy to prepare using dried or fresh mushrooms. This allows you to enjoy the pharmacological benefits without going overboard. You can also add dried ginger root to relieve nausea. This is due to the phytochemicals, gingerol and shogaol, which interact with serotonergic (5-HT receptors) and cholinergic (M) receptors in your mind.


mushroom tea is an efficient method of consuming psychoactive mushrooms. This preparation method involves boiling water with powdered psilocybin-containing mushrooms mixed in. Citric acid in the boiling water extracts and protects psilocin, while also protecting it from oxidation.

It is important to thoroughly sterilize all equipment before making mushroom Tea in order to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and wild yeast. Water temperatures must also reach 212deg F to dissolve psilocybin. However, individual samples may contain different levels of psilocybin depending on the mushroom type and growing conditions.

Mushroom Tea is a quick and easy way to consume magic mushroom. There are many preparation methods, such as Lemon Tek. Lemon Tek involves crushing dried mushrooms into powder before soaking in lemon for 15 minutes. According to anecdotal evidence, this method relieves symptoms associated with mushroom consumption such as nausea.

A man was accused of illegal possession after he harvested and frozen magic mushrooms. He was found in possession of magic mushrooms after freezing them after picking.


Mushrooms should be used that are fresh, mature, and free of any signs or debris. Resting them in a bag or jar for a period of time before storage is important to avoid contamination by microorganisms. Also, keep the temperature constant – mycelium produces heat!

For the tea: Within a large pot with enough room for all contents to come to a rolling boil, place a small amount of water (1-2 ozs for 100g shrooms), add mushroom packets and bring to boil on high heat while stirring/mashing at the same time – this should take around 10 minutes. Next, add citric Acid – 1-2% by the weight of shrooms usually suffices – I added nine grams/450 grams). This allows for more concentrated psilocin while decreasing the chances of oxidation which would produce blue-tinged products that would diminish its potency. I added 9gms/450 gms).

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