Microbial Isolation and Purification

There are more than one million species of microorganisms widely distributed in nature. Microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and archaea flourish in diverse environmental conditions. The isolation and purification of microorganisms is the basis for research and development of microbial resources. Creative Biogene offers a variety of efficient and cost-effective microbial isolation and purification methods to successfully obtain pure cultures of microorganisms.

Purpose of Isolation and Purification of Microorganisms
The process of isolation and purification is to obtain only one type or strain of microorganism from a mixed microbial population. In some bacterial assays, we often need to isolate and purify a particular target bacterium because multiple species are often present in the sample. Through isolation and purification, we are able to evaluate the microbiological data of the specimen, which is often used for contamination identification, active substance testing, product quality parameter evaluation, etc. Therefore, it is essential to understand the isolation and purification of microorganisms.

Principle of Microbial Isolation and Purification
A microbial culture containing more than one type of microorganism is called a mixed culture. If all cells in a colony are derived from one parental cell, then the colony is called a pure culture. The purpose of microbial isolation and purification is to separate the target bacteria from the mixed microorganisms and obtain a pure culture.