Fermentation from Different Sources

The area of microbial fermentation, to produce recombinant proteins, microbial vaccines, novel scaffolds, new molecular formats, plasmid DNA, and other biopharmaceuticals, requires customized processes tailored to the characteristics of the molecule. The choice of microbial source for fermentation depends on the desired end products. Each microbe has its own set of metabolic processes and can produce unique end products. Different microbial sources can be used for fermentation, and the type of microorganism used can significantly impact the end products. We strive to match your requirements with a complete line of service offerings from strain development through to large scale manufacturing.

We apply years of experience in microbial fermentation for biomanufacturing. Our expertise includes secreted, soluble and insoluble (inclusion bodies) processes, with re-fold capabilities from small to very large scale. Access our experience with microbial processes, where we have advanced development, engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Our approach is based on teamwork and knowledge sharing while working with you to define a tailored solution for each project.

Bacteria are mainly used to produce organic acids and alcohols by anaerobic fermentation, and obtain enzymes by aerobic fermentation processes. Yeast fermentation has long been used to produce a variety of commodity products including bread, beer, wine, cheese, and soy sauce. It is also popular as an industrial strain for biorefinery and biofuel applications. Filamentous fungal fermentation has gained increasing attention because of the diversity of microbial products and robust production of some of the most value-added commodities. In addition, Archaea are prokaryotic microorganisms that are members of the third branch (or domain) of life, distinct from the other two domains – Bacteria and Eukarya. Archaea can be used in the fermentation of methane gas. Methanogenic archaea break down organic matter to produce methane gas, utilized as an alternative source of energy.